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    11 Best Hidden Spy cameras (New)

    I know you want to become the spy with Best hidden Cameras. However, you didn’t able to find Best Hidden Cameras, but I came with Amazing Best hidden cameras. If you want to See that hidden camera then you have to take a really closer look at the Hidden camera. Some of the hidden cameras are not doing great work and some of them are just like shit. Just because anybody can see it that it is a hidden camera. That’s why I came with Best Hidden cameras. These cameras are used by some special forces and for some of the special purpose.

    #1. Shoes Hidden Cameras

    spy camera

    Price: $200  to  $250

    You might be surprised to see this spy camera because this camera is attached to shoes. This camera has 32GB memory; HD (1280X720-pixel resolution) resolution video will record. The camera is equipped with shoes, which is not easily seen. It is also engaged an LED light. The camera shutter is present, which has separate buttons. However, the power of the USB and port also given on this shoes. The camera on this shoe is placed in the hidden place; you can’t able to find it easily. These shoes come in pairs, and the camera has been used in only one shoe.

    #2. Cloth Hook Hidden Cameras 

    spy camera

    Price: $90  to  $120

    Such cameras are often used in bathrooms. In view of these hooks to hang clothes is similar, but the camera is hidden. Additionally, it has rear on / off switch and a micro USB port. This Camera has a rechargeable battery. However, if you take a closer look at this hook, you might be easily understood that this is a spy camera, but you should take a close look at the hook.

    #3. Pen Hidden Camera

    spy camera

    Price: $6  to  $12

    A perfect device for sting operations. You can also use this device as Pen. However, the front side is a hidden camera. You can easily start video recording in it.

    #4. Calculator Hidden Camera

    spy camera

    Price: $95  to  $123

    A Hidden camera is placed at the side of the calculator. The camera is hidden in the body of the calculator, which you also do not see it. This type of cameras mostly used in sting operations and some of the government agencies use it for the special purpose.

    #5. Watch Hidden Cameras

    spy camera

    Price: $15  to  $47

    The Camera is placed on the clock, dial because it is in the user’s hand, when you look at it from the front, then it’s hard to know that this is a spy camera. There are buttons to operate it, which is given on the other side of the watch.

    #6. Pen Drive Hidden Cameras

    spy camera

    Price:  $18 to  $92

    The Camera is situated behind USB front side. It is much likely looking as ordinary pen drive, but it comes with multi-feature function. So it cannot just video, you can click still photo and you can insert TF Card. There is also the facility to locate the TF card.

    #7. Spectacles with Hidden Cameras

    spy camera

    Price:  $47 to $76

    This is the best spy camera for the sting operation. The Camera is placed in front of nuts, which makes it easy to use. The most important thing is that, when you turn your head to watch something, then your specs will record everything you want. This is the best way to record some sting operations.

    #8. Alarm Clock Hidden Cameras

    hidden spy camera

    Price: $15  to  $47

    The front left speaker, which is actually a camera. The watch is kept on the table so, it’s hard to detect the hidden camera.

    #9. Ashtray Hidden Cameras

    hidden spy camera

    Price: $153  to $184

    This Ashtray has a camera and mic. Also, the tray comes with a remote. It is placed in any room. This Ashtray works best, no one can find it.

    #10. Key Chain Hidden Cameras

    hidden spy camera

    Price:  $15  to  $47

    This spy camera is not good because anyone can find it. You can easily see memory card and USB port in it. So, it will not work for any sting operation. So if you suspect anyone with this Keychain then be careful with that guy. Keychain camera can be easily identified.

    #11. Button Hidden Cameras  15 to 47

    hidden spy camera

    Price: $15 to $46

    This is the button spy camera. The button can be hidden in the shirt. However, the weak thing is that you can use it with specific clothes, which should same buttons as this camera. Button camera sensor can be easily seen, so if you have any doubts, look at the buttons. If you found a button that is different from others then, be alert at that time or leave that place immediately.

    BONUS!!! +1

    I know you are my user of this site, that’s why I included one more Hidden Camera in this List.

    #12. Belt Hidden Camera

    Price: $98

    A Hidden camera also comes with Bala belt. The camera is placed in front of the belt. It is similar to a dot. That dot will look like design.

    So, this is the list of Hidden cameras, I hope that you will enjoy using this list. Share this list with your friends and aware them with these hidden cameras, your friend might be happy to see this list. If you want more updates from use then subscribe to our mailing list.

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