• proxy server list

    Best 200 proxy server list (Latest Free Proxy Sever List)

    Hello friends I came here with the best proxy server list. This list will help you to access those websites or pages which show website is not available or either this URL has been blocked. Using these proxy server lists, you can open websites on the blocked places it may be a company, college or offices where the administration has blocked unwanted websites. You can also check our how to remove shortcut virus. Proxy server list will easily help you to access blocked website and easily surf the internet. You can easily use this proxy server list. Do you know proxy server list is amazing because you can easily able to use sites which are blocked? Check some of the cool notepad tricks.

    How’s these proxy server lists work?

    These proxy servers redirect your network traffic through their own server so you can easily access or used blocked websites. TOR is software or web browser that will easily help you to access blocked websites so here is the tutorial of proxy servers list. Some of the proxy site lists are also here which you can take help from it.

    Proxy Server List – Proxy Sites List March 2016

    • America Proxy – http://americaproxy.info
    • Suede Proxy – http://suedeproxy.info
    • Korea Proxy – http://krproxy.info
    • Brazil Proxy – http://brazilproxy.info
    • ECXS – https://www.ecxs.asia
    • Zalmos Web Proxy – http://www.zalmos.com
    • Canada Proxy – http://canadaproxy.info
    • Rapid Proxy –  http://ww.rapidproxy.us
    • Ninja Cloak – http://ninjacloak.com
    • Proxyo – http://proxyo.info
    • DeFilter – http://defilter.us
    • Quick Proxy – http://www.quickproxy.co.uk
    • Free Proxy Server – https://www.freeproxyserver.uk
    • Free You Proxy Tube – https://www.freeyouproxytube.com
    • The Best Proxy – https://www.thebestproxy.info
    • VPN Browse – http://vpnbrowse.com
    • Proxy 2014 – http://www.proxy-2014.com
    • Just Proxy – http://www.justproxy.co.uk
    • Extreme Proxy – https://www.extremeproxy.us
    • Fast School Proxy – https://www.fastschoolproxy.com
    • Remove Filters – https://www.removefilters.net
    • Monster Proxy – https://www.monsterproxy.co.uk
    • Hide Me Ass – https://www.hidemeass.co.uk
    • UK – Proxy – https://www.uk-proxy.org.uk
    • Proxy One – https://www.proxyone.net
    • King Surf Proxy – http://www.kingsurfproxy.com
    • US Proxies – http://usproxies.info
    • US Proxy – http://usproxy.nu
    • Zacebook – http://www.zacebookpk.com
    • Proxy – http://proxy.org
    • England Proxy – https://www.englandproxy.co.uk
    • Unblocker – https://www.unblocker.us
    • Fast USA Proxy – http://fastusaproxy.com
    • New IP Now – http://newipnow.com
    • Quickproxy – http://quickproxy.co.uk
    • BlewPass – http://www.blewpass.com
    • Proxy Site – https://www.proxysite.com
    • Anonymouse –http://anonymouse.org
    • Digital Info – http://hiddendigital.info
    • Anony Mizer – https://www.anonymizer.com
    • K Proxy –http://www.kproxy.com
    • Don’t Filter – http://dontfilter.us
    • Working Proxy – https://www.workingproxy.net
    • Proxy 2014 – http://www.proxy2014.net
    • FilterByPass – https://www.filterbypass.me
    • Unlock My Web – http://www.unblockmyweb.com
    • Proxy Site – https://www.proxysite.com
    • Hide My Ass – https://www.hidemyass.com
    • Ninja Clock – http://ninjacloak.com
    • Proxay – https://www.proxay.co.uk
    • Hiding your – http://hidingyour.info
    • Proxify – https://proxify.com
    • Unblocker http://unblocker.us
    • Free YouTube Proxy – http://www.youtubeunblockproxy.com
    • Change IP & Country – http://anonymizer.nntime.com
    • VTunnel – http://vtunnel.com
    • Rapid Proxy – https://www.rapidproxy.us
    • Hide The Internet – https://www.hidetheinternet.com
    • Web Proxy Free – http://www.webproxyfree.net
    • World Cup Proxy – https://www.worldcupproxy.com
    • View Youtube – http://www.viewyoutube.net
    • Greatest Free Proxy – http://www.greatestfreeproxy.com
    • Mega Proxy – https://www.megaproxy.asia
    • Crazy Proxy – https://www.crazyproxy.org
    • IP Switcher – https://www.ipswitcher.us
    • Hide My Trax Proxy – https://hidemytraxproxy.ca
    • Stardoll Proxy – https://www.stardollproxy.com
    • Proxy 4 Freedom – http://proxy4freedom.com
    • Fish Proxy – http://fishproxy.com
    • See Proxy – http://seeproxy.me
    • Surf Proxy – http://surfproxy.co
    • Sporium – http://sporium.org
    • Saoudi Proxy – http://saoudiproxy.info
    • Proxy Browse – http://proxybrowse.info
    • Proxy Internet – http://proxy-internet.info
    • Ca Proxies – http://caproxies.info
    • Proxy 2015 – http://proxy-2015.info
    • FB Proxies – http://fbproxies.info
    • PK Proxy – http://pkproxy.info
    • Me Hide – https://www.mehide.asia
    • Proxy This – https://www.proxythis.info
    • PHP Proxy – http://www.phproxysite.com
    • Xite Now – http://xitenow.com
    • 4Ever Proxy – http://4everproxy.com
    • KProxy Site – http://www.kproxysite.com
    • Surf for Free – http://surf-for-free.com
    • Intern Cloud – http://interncloud.info
    • Pro Intern – http://prointern.info
    • Singapore Proxy – http://singaporeproxy.nu
    • Work Host – http://workhost.eu
    • Your Proxy – http://proxys.pw
    • Just Unblock It – https://www.justunblockit.com
    • Go Proxy – https://www.goproxy.asia
    • Network Bypass – https://www.networkbypass.com
    • Travel VPN – http://travelvpn.info
    • Fast Time – http://fasttime.info
    • Rexoss – http://rexoss.com
    • Hide IP Proxy – https://hideipproxy.com
    • Host App – http://hostapp.eu
    • Proxy Pirate – https://www.proxypirate.co.uk
    • Fun Proxy – https://www.funproxy.net
    • Hide N Seek – http://www.hidenseek.org
    • Orange Proxy – https://www.orangeproxy.net
    • Free Publick Proxy – http://www.freepublicproxy.net
    • Push Proxy – https://www.pushproxy.com
    • Cool Proxy – https://www.coolproxy.biz
    • Proxy Tube – https://www.proxytube.info
    • Free Open Proxy – http://www.freeopenproxy.com
    • Hope Proxy – http://www.hopeproxy.com
    • Safe Proxy – https://www.safeproxysite.com
    • Private Surf – https://www.privatesurf.us
    • Europe Proxy – https://www.europeproxy.eu
    • Stealth Proxy – https://www.stealthproxy.co.uk
    • SSL Proxy – https://www.sslproxy.org.uk
    • Proxy Power – https://www.proxypower.co.uk
    • Web Surf – https://www.websurf.in
    • You Server – http://youserver.nu
    • Proxyfree  –  https://www.proxfree.com


    So, here was the list of all proxy site list. You can share proxy server list with your friends and tell them to use these sites to access blocked sites. If you want more information then you can subscribe to our mailing lists or you can like our facebook page to get faster notifications.

    If you want to add your proxy site here then you can comment below. I will check them and if I found them useful then I will add your site in proxy site list.

  • How to check SAR Value

    (Working) How to check SAR Value of Android Smartphone

    In the meantime, Android smartphone became the first priority of everyone’s life. If you take a survey then you will know that everyone has Android smartphone. So, if you are also using Android smartphone then you should know SAR Value of Each smartphone. I will tell you how to check SAR Value. After Checking SAR Value then you will be able to suggest your smartphone to others. SAR value is based on measuring power absorbed from mobile phones. The value will depend heavily on Geometry of the part of the body, it can be exposed to RF Energy.

    How to check SAR Value of Mobile

    SAR has limits for exposure to emit radio frequency energy, which is 1.6 watts per kilograms. However, this is the limit of SAR, if you get SAR value above than 1.6 watts then you might be in danger. In this process, I will tell you how you can easily able to check SAR value with the help of USSD Code.

    You can able to check Radiation level in the name of SAR by dialing USSD Code *#07# after dialing it, you will get the results. Make sure that your SAR value is lower than 1.6 watts per kilogram. If you found that your SAR Value is above than 1.6 watts then you should contact your customer care immediately.

    SAR Value of Famous Smartphones

    • iPhone 6: 1.59 W/kg
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 2: 0.42 w/kg
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 3: 1.07 w/kg
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 1.20 w/kg
    • Samsung Galaxy S 5: 1.28 w/kg
    • LG G 3: 0.99 w/kg
    • LG G 2: 1.44 w/kg
    • HTC One (M8): 1.29 w/kg
    • Lenovo A6000 Plus: 1.2 w/kg
    • Lenovo k3 note: 1.59 w/kg

    It is very useful information that you must share with your friends. If you want more useful stuff then you can subscribe to our Daily mailing list or you can like our facebook page to get latest updates. Well, I want to know SAR Value of your smartphones, so comment your smartphone name and your SAR Value.

  • Whatsapp without Number

    How to use Whatsapp without Number [Best Guide]

    Best Whatsapp Tricks and Tips 2016 [ How to Use Whatsapp without Number ]

    Mostly, People are searching on the Internet for Whatsapp tricks 2016. And it is the most searched term on the Internet. Use Whatsapp without number and Whatsapp without Internet tricks are daily searches on The Internet. I also received a lot of Messages from email to update new WhatsApp tricks 2016 on Techmaniya. Now, I am here to offer you some of the best Whatsapp tricks in 2016 only for our visitors. I am sharing this best Whatsapp tricks and tips 2015 Guide. I know you are excited to know everything about How to use Whatsapp without number and WhatsApp without The Internet, I want to show you some best factors about Whatsapp. You can also check some cool notepad tricks, they are also trending these days.

    Whatsapp is rapidly growing application all over the word. And users are very happy with using it. Whatsapp is available for every Operating system whether it is Android, IOS, Symbian or any other OS. You can use it in any smartphone. It is a most used app in the world, you will find that if most users have this application on their smartphone. There are very rare people who do not use Whatsapp, even old man’s also using it and found it interesting. If you have working Internet connection in your smartphone then you can able to send free messages to your loved ones. Whatsapp is also working like an MMS so you can send text, images, audio, video and even you can call from Whatsapp. You can check our best Whatsapp status.

    Now, you know everything about WhatsApp and its popularity in this world that’s why many Whatsapp tricks and tips coming on the internet. And for this reason, many people started searching on The Internet for amazing and cool WhatsApp tricks 2015 for their smartphone. Many users don’t know how WhatsApp tricks and tips without number and Whatsapp without the internet is working. That’s why I am here with all new working WhatsApp tricks 2016.

    Use Whatsapp without number – Best Whatsapp Tricks January 2016

    Are you surprised that how WhatsApp without number will work? Don’t worry I am here to assist you till the end of this Whatsapp tricks and tips Guide. Actually, this is the Best Whatsapp tricks till Now. Whatsapp without number that does not mean you will be able to use it without number, actually the thing is you will use the fake number to verify your new WhatsApp account i.e. Fake WhatsApp number.

    How to use Whatsapp without number [Cool Whatsapp Trick]

    1. First thing is first, Uninstall your WhatsApp from your smartphone.
    2. And then download WhatsApp again from play store [This one is the important step in this Guide WhatsApp without number trick]
    3. Now, Disable your messaging services means you can enable Flight Mode.
    4. Open your WhatsApp application and type your number. Then Whatsapp will not be able to send messages to the server just because you enabled your flight mode.
    5. Here we come to the main part. So, Whatsapp will ask you to verify your number with alternative methods.
    6. Then Choose Check through SMS and then type your email address there.
    7. Touch on send button and quickly touch on the cancel button. [This step is required to stop the process of sending]
    8. Here is the Important step of this Whatsapp trick started. Install spoof messages app in your smartphone.
    9. You can search it on Google play store. If you are an iPhone user then install Fake-A-Message.
    10. Then go to outbox and the copy the message details from Spoofer application and send it to spoofed verifications that are false verification.
    11. You can use details in the spoofed message: to +447987657543 from +[country Code] [mobile number] Message: Your Email Address.
    12. Then a message will be sent to that spoofed number and you can able to use this number in Whatsapp and you can able to surprise your friends with this Whatsapp without number tricks.

    NOTE: If above spoof text message is not working then you can use other apps. Just search on your play store or App store.

    If you like this trick How to use WhatsApp without number then you can help me by sharing our tricks to your friends. Your friends will be happy to use this trick as this trick is best for fooling your friends. If you want more tricks like this then subscribe to our newsletter or if you want faster updates then you can like our facebook page.

  • 15 Best Mobiles (Phones) Under Rs 1500 [New Mobiles]

    Let me Guess!! You are searching for Best mobile phones under Rs 1500. In this list under Rs 1500 mobile phones, mobile is available between Rs.1000 to Rs.1500. Well, I am providing you best mobile below 1500 and also Dual SIM enabled mobiles under 1500 , which you can’t able to find out on other sites. But here is the list of best mobile under 1500 and 2000. Basically  people choose lowest price mobile under 1500 for calling purpose and long lasting battery backup. So, you don’t have to worry at all, dual sim mobiles below 1500. Most of the time we don’t have enough money to buy high priced mobiles but these Dual Sim phones are best.

    Read Also: Best Smartphones Under Rs 4000

    Previously we shared the list of smartphones under 10000. However, this kind of lowest price mobile phones will run generation to generation. Lowest price mobile under 1000 or 2000  hardware is best and break chances are very rare and also best for calling purpose. Just buy these cheap dual sim phones and forget about all smartphones. Recent time, smartphones become the first priority for everyone’s life. So, if you don’t have a phone then choose any other or Micromax mobile below 1500I would like to suggest you to buy a below price range mobile now. That’s Why I am sharing best mobiles under Rs 1500. Below is the phone image and key specification, choose your best mobile from below 1500 mobile list.

    Best phones under Rs 1500 (Mobiles under Rs 1500)

    #1. Samsung Guru GT-E1200 (White) 


    This Samsung phone will give you long lasting battery and its hardware is also amazing. When You throw it 100 times then it may get a break. However, if you want the simple phone under the range of 1000 then this phone will suit your need.

    Key Specification 

    • Poly ringtone
    • 800mAH battery
    • Samsung proprietary operating system
    • 1.52-inch TFT screen with 128×128 pixels resolution

    #2. Lava ARC Blue (White-Blue)


    This phone is from LAVA. It has 1.3 MP camera which will help you to capture your moments. However, you can also use the memory card in this smartphone. 1200mAH Lithium-ion battery is present in this phone which will give you long lasting battery and its design is good under 1500 mobile. You will also get a 1-year warranty and 6 months warranty for accessories.

    Key Specification

    • 1200mAH lithium-ion battery
    • 1.3MP primary camera with flash
    • Expandable memory up to 32GB and dual SIM
    • 2.8-inch QVGA display with 240 x 320 pixels resolution

    #3. SAMSUNG GURU FM Plus SM-B110E/D (Black)


    Samsung Guru FM plus, this smartphone is special for those people who don’t like lots of features smartphones. It is a very simple phone and it will give you battery backup for up to 3 to 4 days without any charging. You can also listen to FM Radio in it and it entertain you as well.

    Key Specification

    • Simple & Compact Design
    • Convenient & Easy to Use
    • Comfortable Viewing
    • MP3 Ringtones
    • FM Radio

    #4. Nokia 105 (Black)


    Nokia has best hardware mobile phone and most popular brand, This phone will never break and it will help you to make calls. This phone is very simple and it will give you better battery backup.

    Key Specification

    • Built-in FM radio
    • 800 mAH Battery
    • Nokia Series 30 operating system
    • 1.4-inch LCD transmissive Display

    #5. HSL X8 (White-Blue)


    HSL is new type phone. It is very low price mobile, you can also get 1.3 MP camera which will help you to take pictures. However, its battery backup is just amazing. You will get 7 to 8 days battery backup for normal usage.

    Key Specification

    • 1.3MP primary camera
    • 2800mAH lithium-ion battery
    • 2.4-inch QVGA TFT LCD capacitive touchscreen 
    • Nucleus operating system, 64MB internal memory expandable up to 16GB  
    • Dual SIM (GSM+GSM)

    #6. Intex Turbo I6 silver


    If you are a fan of Apple smartphones then I would suggest you to buy this under Rs 1500 phone. This smartphone is looking like Apple smartphone. Its design and built quality is amazing.

    Key Specification

    • Random Color
    • Primary Camera 0.3MP with LED
    • Multimedia supported.
    • Memory Card Supported.

    #7. Intex Turbo S5 (Champagne White)


    Intex Turbo S5 is simple mobile. You will get a better battery backup. Intex phone is known for their low price mobile, Intex always making a phone for medium class people.

    Key Specification

    • Dual SIM, FM Radio
    • Colour Champagne-White
    • Form factor QWERTY Phone
    • What’s in the box Handset, Charger, Data cable, Battery, Earphone, Protector cover, User manual, 

    #8. Micromax X800 (Black)


    Micromax X800 is simple design phone. Is is best micromax mobile below 1500 . However, it has a digital camera with flash. You will get a torch in this phone and you can expand memory upto 8GB. It also supports video and music player.

    Key Specification

    • 1800 mAH Battery
    • 6.1 CM TFT Display
    • Dual Sim,Voice Call Recording,
    • FM Radio,Music Player,Video Player
    • Torch, Expandable Memory upto 8 GB, Camera with Flash

    #9. Iball Leader


    Iball Leader phone is best in the lowest price mobile of Rs 1500. However, it has 1.3 mp camera with LED Flashlight. It is best mobile under Rs 1500. Its design is very simple, and it is a good looking phone.

    Key Specification

    • Dual SIM Dual Standby
    • 7.1cm (2.8″) QVGA Big Display
    • Wireless FM Radio with FM Recording
    • 1.3 MP Enhanced Camera with LED Flash

    #10. Lava KKT 28i (Black)


    Lava KKT 28i is a best looking phone. It has 240 x 320 screen resolution. You can expand memory card up to 16GB. It is 1800 mAH lithium-ion battery which will give you best battery backup.

    Key Specification

    • 2.8-inch QVGA display
    • 800mAH lithium-ion battery
    • 1.3MP primary camera with video recording
    • Dual SIM, Music Player, Video Player, FM Radio
    • Memory expandable up to 16GB and dual SIM (GSM+GSM)

    #11. Micromax X805 (Black)


    Micromax X805 is simple design phone. You will get the 0.3mp primary camera. However, it has 32 MB RAM and 24 MB internal memory and you can expand it up to 8GB. It has 1800 mAH lithium-ion battery which will give you a standby time of 150 hours.

    Key Specification

    • 0.3MP primary camera
    • 1800mAH lithium-ion battery
    • 2.8-inch (7.1 centimeters) TFT QVGA display
    • Dual SIM, Music Player, Video Player, FM Radio
    • 260MHz MT6261M ARM7EJ-S processor, 32MB RAM, 24MB internal memory expandable up to 8GB

    #12. Karbonn K451+ (Champ Gold)


    Karbonn k451 design is simple and attractive. It has 1.3MP primary camera, you can record video with this phone. You can expand memory card up to 8GB and it is equipped with 1800 mAH battery which will give you a standby time of 500 hours.

    Key Specification

    • 1800mAH battery
    • 1.3MP primary camera with video capture
    • Dual SIM, Video Player, FM Radio, Music Player
    • 2.4-inch LCD display with 240 x 320 pixels resolution
    • Memory expandable up to 8GB with torch, mobile tracker, video wallpapers and dual standby SIM (GSM+GSM)

    #13. Spice Power-5855 (Shining Silver)


    It is simple and build quality is best. Memory card expandable upto 8GB. 1800 mAH lithium-ion battery which will give you standby time of 552 hours. It is good multimedia mobile under 1500 So, it will run video and music player.

    Key Specification

    • 1.3MP primary camera
    • 2.4-inch TFT LCD display 
    • 1800mAH lithium-ion battery
    • Dual SIM, Music Player, Video Player, FM Radio, E-mail
    • 312MHz processor, memory expandable up to 8GB and dual SIM (GSM+GSM)

    It’s design and build quality is amazing. Its body is very attractive and features of this phone are also good. However, it’s battery backup is amazing, it will give you 3 to 4 days backup.

    Key Specification

    • Dual Sim, GSM + GSM, (Dual Standby)
    • Alphanumeric Keypad
    • 0.08 MP Primary Camera
    • 1.77 inch TFT Screen
    Samsung Guru Music 2 is a very simple phone. You can easily able to expand memory card up to 16 GB and its connectivity is USB 2.0. Its design and build quality is good that’s why this smartphone is our list.

    Simple design coupled with user-friendly features is what sums up this Samsung Guru Music 2 feature phone, giving you reason enough to rely on this device for your important calls.

    Key Specification

    • Guru Music 2 boasts 5.08 cm screen,
    • 16 GB expandable memory
    • Dual Sim enabled
    • Advanced MP3 player with  stereo FM radio
  • (Working) How to Remove Shortcut Virus (PC, USB, Pendrive)

    How to Remove Shortcut Virus Permanently

    Remove shortcut Virus from flash drive and computer

    Well, You are searching for how to remove shortcut virus? However, there are many sites who is offering the solution, but many sites do not tell you the perfect way to remove shortcut virus from your pen drive. Moreover, there is certain kind of shortcut virus remover which you can use to remove that virus successfully. If you sick searching all over the internet and can’t able to find the solution to your problem then I am here to solve your each problem. And you know removing the shortcut virus is very easy, even a child can do this easily. Just like if your computer pen drive is infected by those viruses then it can cause for your pen drive and for your PC as well as your privacy. So, this is not good for your PC.

    That’s why I created this amazing trick on how to remove shortcut virus and I will tell you more important things about this virus. Actually, there are many types of shortcut virus. Don’t worry I will tell you how to remove every shortcut virus. Just stay tuned to me.

    Type of Shortcut Virus

    Shortcut virus is for 2 type which can infect your PC and your all software.

    • Flash Drive Shortcut Virus
    • File and Folder Shortcut Virus

    File and Folder Shortcut Virus

    File and Folder Shortcut virus are very bad virus. Do you know that I was also the same virus in my PC? With lots of shortcut virus in every folder.  Actually, I got those viruses from my friend’s pen drive. And those viruses are really bad and that virus created itself in another folder. So, I will suggest you update your antivirus and when you insert your friend’s pen drive make sure to scan it with your best antivirus. When you open that virus in that pen drive then it will automatically execute itself and make their child on your PC.

    Flash Drive Shortcut Virus

    Actually, this virus is Trojan virus, you will find that virus almost all of pen drives and sometimes they may be hidden and cause a problem for your PC. Once, it executes with its power then that virus can able to send your personal or credit card information to the hackers. So, this virus is the first priority to remove shortcut virus.

    Tips to Avoid Shortcut Virus

    There is some antivirus which may not able to detect those viruses but you can take the safety from those viruses. If you help them to execute then they can able to attack your PC with Trojan. However, if you are smart then they can’t able to execute itself. So, you can be safe from those viruses. Just follow the steps below:

    • Don’t run your Flash Drive from the auto run and from My Computer.
    • You can open your pen drive by right clicking it, then click on explore or you can type the address on the address bar to open your flash drive.

    How to remove Shortcut virus using virus remover tools [Method 1]

    1. Just download Shortcut Virus Remover tool: Download Now
    2. Extract it using Winrar or other software that you prefer using it.
    3. Then Run Trojorm Removal Tool you should run it on your flash drive.
    4. When the scan will complete then press enter.
    5. Now, copy shortcut virus fix folder, paste that in your flash drive.
    6. Open it with notepad then search cDrive = “H:” and change it to according to your flash drive address.
    7. Then save it.
    8. Now, open VBS file or you can open it with windows based script host.
    9. That’s it.

    How to remove shortcut virus using command prompt/CMD [Method 2]

    So, if above method doesn’t work for you then you can use this method. Because some of the virus are very dangerous they don’t remove from normal method. That’s why here is the advanced method to remove shortcut virus.

    1. Click on Start
    2. Then click on Run and type CMD there and then hit enter.
    3. Now, type your flash drive address e.g. f:, or h: and hit enter
    4. Then type this in command attrib f:\*.* /d /s  –h  –r  –s
    5. make sure that change f: with your flash drive letter.

    Shortcut Virus remover tools and command prompt Access denied problem

    These two are the best way to remove shortcut virus from your computer and if you get this error access denied then you may do something wrong or the virus may stronger than these methods. This problem is really common for a hard disk that uses NTFS however; this is rare on flash drives.

    Solution for access denied:

    1. In fix folder method make sure that you used to change the letter according to your flash drive if you did something wrong then it may cause for your system.
    2. In the command prompt method makes sure that you typed correct command including spaces. If you did type the wrong command then it will not work.

    Now, you already did all the steps to clean your computer. However, there may be very fewer chances that these methods will not work. If your computer is completely infected by those viruses then these tricks will not work then you need to change the method for removing shortcut virus.

    Shortcut Virus Remover (How to remove Shortcut Virus from PC)

    Using this method you will remove shortcut virus 100% without any problem. Just download shortcut virus remover and run it to delete all shortcut virus.

    Download HFV (Hidden folder Virus)

    • When you are using the first time then it will ask for a password.
    • Just add or browse those viruses it will disinfect those viruses and delete from your portable devices.
    • That’s how HFV removes the virus from flash drive or pen drive.

    How to prevent shortcut virus from coming back to your PC

    Install HFV or any Good antivirus to protect you from many virus attacks. I recommend you to use avast antivirus. Avast is the best as I am using it on my personal PC. When I used that antivirus now not a single virus dare to come in my PC.

    If you like this helpful tutorial then you can share it with your friends or you can like our Facebook page to get more tutorials like this. You can subscribe to our mailing list. Feel free to comment below I will always here to solve your problem.

  • (Working) Download Torrent Files with IDM (Torrent to IDM)

    Hello, guys today I am going to tell you the ways to download the torrent file using IDM. Mostly torrent file is used to download large file either it may large or small both. Torrent to IDM download trick. Here I am going to tell you the various steps to download the torrent using IDM (Internet Download Manager).

    Most we try to find out Games videos and movies links from different sites but these files can be download through IDM in an easy way. First of all, you need to download the torrent file. Torrent provides you resume and download facility with high speed downloading. If you put your file in downloading in torrent it not performs well. The main drawback is speed.

    The torrent file is available in .torrent extension. Its size is very small in kb and MB. It is made for the only downloading purpose that allows you to download the file in a torrent. Without torrent extension file, you can’t download with high speed in the torrent. The rate of Torrent speed depends upon seeds they have.

    How to download torrent file With IDM (Internet Download Manager)

    On the web many torrent file downloading software present. But these steps given below listed or collected with the best performance.

    First of all, you need to download to torrent file from sites. Here are the most common sites that are used to find out or download the torrent file. Here is the list of all method that will help you to download torrent file fastly.

    #1. ZBigZ – Torrent to IDM Download

    Steps to Download File from Torrent to IDM using ZBigZ:

    • Go to https://www.zbigz.com/.
    • Here in the top of the homepage, you find an option upload file. Click on the upload button and upload the torrent file here.
    • Now hit on go button it takes a few second or minutes to cache your file.
    • After finishing caching of your file click on the Transfer button to download the file.
    • Make sure First of all IDM – Internet Download Manager installed in your system.
    • Now you will be able to download your torrent file via IDM i.e. torrent to IDM

    If you don’t have installed Internet Download Manager in your system simply install it from the web.

    #2. BoxoPus – Torrent to IDM Download

    It is the alternate method to download the torrent file with high speed. It performs better compare than Zbigz. It provides you the facility to download the file directly to your dropbox account. It is free of cost, but it doesn’t provide the premium feature.

    Steps to Download torrent using IDM from Boxopus

    • Got to http://www.boxopus.com/
    • Signup using your email or Facebook account.
    • Now click on add the new torrent. Here you will find two options download via URL or direct uploading torrent file to boxopus.
    • It takes few second or minutes to redirect to the download link.
    • Click on the link and download it through Internet Download Manager.

    #3. PutDrive – Torrent to IDM Download

    Putdrive provides the facility to download the torrent via IDM. The main disadvantage of this method you can download 10GB from the particular account.

    • Go to http://www.putdrive.com/.
    • Now register your account using your Gmail account.
    • Now upload your file and click on next then you will find Start downloading button.
    • Your file will start download via IDM.

    #4. PCloud – Torrent to IDM Download

    Pcloud is also increasing day by day. If you are unfamiliar with it then give a try to download torrent files from IDM.

    • Now, they have their own App in google play. So, you can able to manage your account anywhere in the world.
    • It has offline access.
    • It also allows you to 10GB of files to download from IDM.

    #5. Torrent Handler – Torrent to IDM Download

    Torrent handler is also one of the fastest clients in  the world to download files from the torrent to IDM. Its main advantage is that it doesn’t require any preinstalled software to work for them.

    Download torrent using IDM from TorrentHandler:

    • Go to TorrentHandler.com
    • Then upload your torrent file there.
    • Then put your email id there.
    • Now, when they execute the file then it will send you downloading link in your email ID.
    • Click on it and download it via IDM.

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    Feel free to comment your problems I will be always there to solve your problems.