[Airtel USSD Codes List – 2018] Balance/Data/Offer/Loan

In this article, you will find the detail about airtel codes with the services. This airtel ussd codes list of 2018 will help to find any service details, which is currently available on your airtel mobile number. It is possible with the help of Airtel shortcodes. Simply you can find the service details in the list and apply the same Airtel service code to check the balance & usage of that service. In the full list of airtel codes every airtel service code is listed.

Suppose we want check airtel net balance, airtel balance check, latest airtel internet data offers, Airtel credit loan, airtel unlimited calling plan and other types of information.

Why we Need of Airtel USSD Codes

A new user doesn’t know particular ussd codes to check that service. We need to ask from customer care executive to get the ussd code for particular service. With the help of list of airtel codes, we can easily check the following service details like airtel 4g balance check, airtel balance and Validity details, Airtel mobile no detail, check airtel SMS, minute balance, latest best special offer related to recharge offer, net pack plan details, which is currently active on your airtel no.

Below you can find the list of airel ussd codes which is used in our daily life by every person.

This airtel important ussd codes list will help you to check airtel services and usage of services. Airtel ussd codes are unique shortcodes to check different types services of the network operator.Which is listed below in detail with the ussd code of that service.

What is USSD Codes (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data)?

USSD Code is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), referred to as “Quick Codes” or “Feature codes”, is a protocol used by GSM cellular network to communicate with the service provider’s computers. USSD can be used for WAP browsing, prepaid callback service, Balance check services, Balance Transfer services, mobile-money services, location-based content services, menu-based information services, and as part of configuring the phone on the network.

You can find the steps to Transfer Airtel balance to another airtel number or Transfer airtel Internet Data 3G/4G Balance.

Airtel Network Most Common Services USSD Codes

Airtel Account Balance Check Code*123# OR *111#
Airtel Mobile Phone number Check Code*282# OR *111#
Airtel 3G/4G GPRS Internet Data Balance Check Code*121*2#
Get Airtel 2G/3G/4G GPRS Internet SettingSend SMS “MO” To 54321
Airtel Special Best Offer Check Code Dial *121# and Proceed to 2
Airtel Latest New Latest Best Offer Check Code*111# OR Dial *121# and Proceed to 3
Airtel Rs.10 Credit Talktime Loan ussd Code*141*10# and Proceed to 1
Airtel 80 MB Internet Data Loan ussd Code*141*10# and Proceed to 2
Airtel to Airtel Balance Transfer Code *141# and select “Share Talktime” option
Airtel (Credit + Data Loan) NumberCall on 52141
Activate Airtel 3G/4G Service 3G To 121

All Airtel USSD Codes to Check – Packs/Offer/Balance

Airtel Balance Check USSD Code*121*1#
Airtel Best Offers Check ussd code*121*1#
Airtel Balance and Validity Check USSD Code *121*2#
Airtel (2G/3G/4G) Internet Data Balance Check*121*2#
Airtel Daily Data usage check USSD Code (Airtel Net balance)*121*2#
Airtel Voice Balance Check USSD Code*121*2#
Airtel SMS Balance Check USSD Code*121*2#
Airtel all Other balance Check USSD Code*121*2#
Airtel Recharge by Coupon code*121*3#
Airtel Enternetiamnt Services*121*4#
Check Activated Services list on your number*121*5#
Airtel DTH Balance and Validity and Plan Details (Give a miss Call on 8130081300)
Airtel Last 5 Deduction check USSD Code (Airtel Last 5 Charge details Check code)*121*7# and Proceed to 1
Airtel VAS (Value Added Services) Check USSD Code*121*7# and Proceed to 2
Airtel Voice Pack Deduction Details*121*7# and Proceed to 3
Airtel SMS/ MMS (Balance) Details Check code*121*7# and Proceed to 4
Airtel Last Data  Balance Deduction details Check Code*121*7# and Proceed to 5
Airtel Last 5 Recharge Details Check Code*121*7# and Proceed to 6
Airtel Data (Net) pack Check USSD Code*121*8# and Proceed to 2
Airtel GPRS Internet Data (Net) Loan USSD Code *121*8# and Proceed to 3
Airtel Roaming Pack Check USSD Code*121*8# and Proceed to 4
Airtel SMS Pack Check USSD Code *121*8# and Proceed to 5
Airtel Voice Pack Check USSD Code*121*8# and Proceed to 6
Airtel SIM Mobile Number Check USSD Code (Find Airtel number)*121*9# OR *282#
Airtel Voice, SMS, Data Packs Check Code*121*10# OR *121*13#
Airtel 3G/4G Internet Data (Net Pack) Packs*121*11# and proceed to 1
Airtel 2G Internet Data (Net) Packs*121*11# and proceed to 2
Airtel Night Data Cash Back Packs*121*11# and proceed to 3
Deactivate Activated Packs*121*12# and proceed to 5
Transfer Airtel Talktime Balance (Share Airtel balance)*141# and proceed to 1
Airtel Internet Data (Net) Loan Code *141# and proceed to 2
Airtel Talktime Credit Loan*141# and proceed to 3
Airtel Auto Credit at Low Balance less than Rs.5*141# and proceed to 4
Airel – Ask time to your friend*141# and proceed to 5
Pock Call Request*141# and proceed to 6
Send Call me back SMS to your friend*141# and proceed to 7
Airtel GPRS Internet (Net) Setting“MO” To 54321
Port Airtel Mobile Number to other network SMS PORT <Mobile number> to 1900
Airtel Recharge by Coupon code *121*3*<16 Digit PIN># 
Airtel Credit Loan and Data Loan *141*10#
Activate Airtel 3G/4G Data Service Code SMS 3G to 121
Find Nearest Airtel Store address SMS ARC<Pin Code> to 121
Airtel Minute Balance Check Code Login Airtel self-care 

Other Airtel Services Helpful USSD Codes

Latest Best Offer Active on your Airtel Number*111# 
Airtel Latest Voice Pack (Local/STD & Minutes) Pack*222#
Airtel SMS Pack Check USSD Code*555# OR *777#
Airtel GPRS Internet Data Pack*567#
Airtel Caller Tune*678#
Activate Airtel Miss Call Alert Service*888#
Check Latest best Airtel Offer by Call12131
Port Airel Mobile numberSMS PORT<Mobile Number> to 1900
Activate Airtel DND Service SMS “START 0” to 1909
Airtel Customer Care number121 OR 198

You can check your data balance usage SMS and minute balance via airtel self-care portal.

  • Visit Airtel self-care help page.
  • Sign up and login.
  • Now you can check your data usage balance and validity.

If you want to know about more offer and other service details on your Airtel Number. You can Download My airtel number.

Features of My Airtel App.

  • Check Latest best offers.
  • You can check Data balance Validity, recharge history, app full talktime offer.
  • You can manage Airtel services and Value added services details.
  • You can request for Rs.10 Advance talktime loan request, Internet data loan and easily transfer talktime.

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I hope these airtel codes will help you to check airtel services and usage. If you more detail about any ussd code, you can ask in the comment. Any other type of help or resolve your issue you can call on Airtel customer care number.

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