• All Idea USSD Codes List

    Idea USSD Codes List (Idea Net Balance Check) (2017)

    Idea ussd codes are the unique ussd code to check Idea network service. These Idea ussd codes help the users to check it’s network related service check like Idea balance check, Idea internet balance check code, reliance best offer check, 2G Internet Data Balance, 3G Internet Data Balance, SMS Free Balance, Activation and Deactivation services, Data packs, night packs, menu offer, GPRS data settings, unlimited offers, free talk time recharge offers, and other Idea VAS services code.Using these Idea ussd codes we can check what service is currently on our Idea number.

    Here in the list, we listed all Idea services check ussd codes these ussd codes will help you to check reliance services.

    Previously we posted list of All Aircel ussd codesAll Idea ussd codes,, All Vodafone ussd codes, All tata docomo ussd codes, All mts ussd codes,  All BSNL USSD Codes and other Indian network ussd codes.

    Idea Most Common used ussd codes

    Idea account balance check ussd codes, Find idea mobile number*131*3#


    Idea best offer check ussd code*121# or *122#
    Idea Internet Data (GPRS) balance check ussd code*125#
    Vodafone 2G Internet Data balance check ussd code*125#
    Vodafone 3G Internet Data balance check ussd code*125#
    Idea loan ussd code*150*10#
    Idea Internet Data Loan ussd code“ICREDIT” to 144
    Idea (Know) Own Number Check ussd codes*131*1#
    Idea SMS message balance check ussd codewe will update soon
    Idea minute balance check ussd codewe will update soon
    Idea Service main menu ussd codes*121*4#
    Idea to Idea balance transfer ussd code*567#

    For more and detailed ussd codes visit below table.

    You can also check for Idea free internet tricks and previously we shared an article on how to share idea internet.

    What is USSD Codes (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data)?

    USSD Codes are “Quick or Feature codes” that are used by GSM cellular to communicate with the telecom service provider computer. USSD Codes are part of configuring mobile on the network which provides menu based information or we can say ussd code is independent calling service.

    App Method to Check Balance, Internet Data Balance, and Offer

    I am giving you the best method to check your talktime or internet balance. With the help of this method you can easily able to get your balance details without dialing any USSD Codes. Yes, it is true you can able to check it.

    Features of this Method

    • It is an App.
    • It will give you real time balance update.
    • You don’t need to dial any of the ussd code.
    • Time Saving Method.
    • Moreover, you will get Free Rs 30 recharge as with promotional offer. (Read: How to Get Rs 30 Free Recharge)

    Introducing TrueBalance App: Download Now

    balance check code

    If you don’t want to install this app then we also have Ussd codes, you can check below.

    Idea My Balance/ Number Check Code (Idea Balance Check)*130# or *121#  or *131*1# or Download App to Check Working Balance
    Idea Last 3 Activities Check Code
    Idea Last 3 Calls And SMS Check Code
    Idea Last 7 Calls Check Code*147*1*1#
    Idea Last 3 Recharges Check Code *147*1*2#
    Idea My plan Information Check Code*147*1*3#
    Idea Last charges Check Code*147*1*4#
    Idea MOB Service Check Code*147*2*1#
    Idea GET SIM Check Code*147*2*2#
    Idea ACT STATUS Check code*147*2*3#
    Idea Last 3 Recharge Check Code*147*2*4#
    Idea Last Adjustment Check Code*147*2*5#
    Idea Get Circle Code A to Z Check Code*147*3#
    Idea VAS and DT Service Check Code*121*4*4#
    Idea Festive Days Check Code*121*4*6*1#
    Idea PUK Code Check Code*121*4*6*3#
    Idea BAR Service Check Code*121*4*6*5#
    Idea DND Service activation or Deactivation Check Code*121*4*6*6#
    Idea Roming Charge Check Code*121*4*7*1#
    Idea Roming Recharge and Check Code = RC5Rs.5 Incoming Call 1p/6sec For 1 Day. Dial *121*4*7*2#
    Idea Roming Recharge and Check Code = RC6Rs.6 Full Incoming Call Free For 1 Day. Dial *121*4*7*3#
    Idea Roming Recharge and Check Code = RC62All India Free for 15 Days with Rs.30 Talktime For activation Dial *510*62#. Dial *121*4*7*4#
    Idea Roming Recharge and Check Code = RC78Free Incoming Call For 30 Days. Dial *121*4*7*5#
    Idea Roming Plan Check Code*121*4*7#

    Some Common used Idea USSD Codes.

     Idea Balance Check *212# or *130# or *123#
     Idea 2G Net Balance *125# or *131*3#
     Idea SMS Balance *451# or *161*1#
    Idea  Special Packs *131*3#
     Idea Service Menu *147#
     Idea Account Balance *456# or *457#
    Idea  Main Menu *111#
     Idea Activate Call Waiting *43#
    Idea  Idea price Information *567#

    Idea 2G Internet Data Packs USSD Codes

    RC93 = 375MB 2G Internet @Rs93 For 9 Days after 375 MB Browsing Charge 4p/10kb  for activate*150*93#
    RC98 = 375MB 2G Internet @Rs98 For 10 Days after 375 MB Browsing Charge 4p/10kb For activate*150*98#
    RC125 = 500Mb 2G Internet @Rs125 For 14 Days after 500MB Browsing Charge 4p/10kb For activate *150*125#
    RC175 = 1GB 2G Internet @Rs175 For 28 Days after 1GB Browsing Charge 4p/10kb For activate*150*175#
    RC195 – 1.25 GB 2G FUP Internet @Rs195 For 28 Days after 1.25GB Browsing Charge 4p/10kb For activate*150*195#

    Idea 3G Internet Data Packs USSD Codes

    RC26 = 80MB 3G Internet @Rs26 For 2 Days after 80 MB Browsing Charge 4p/10kb For activation*150*26#
    RC44 = 130MB 3G Internet @Rs44 For 4 Days after 130 MB Browsing Charge 4p/10kb For activation*150*44#
    RC102 = 300MB 3G Internet @Rs102 For 10 Days after 300 MB Browsing Charge 4p/10kb For activation*150*102#
    RC198 = 600MB 3G Internet @Rs198 For 20 Days after 600 MB Browsing Charge 4p/10kb for activation*150*198#
    RC249 = 1GB 3G internet @Rs249 For 28 Days  after 1GB browsing Charge 4p/10kb for activation*150*249#
    RC347 = 1.5GB 3G Internet @Rs347 For 28 Days after 1.5GB Browsing Charge 4p/10kb for activation*150*347#
    RC455 = 2GB 3G Internet @Rs455 for 28 days  after 2GB Browsing Charge 4p/10kb for activation*150*455#

    Idea USSD Code for Activate and Deactivate Services.

    Idea USSD Code to activate cellular GPRSSMS “FRESH” to 4666
    Idea USSD Code to activate service for idea live TVSMS 3GTV to 54777
    Idea USSD Code to Activate idea night, SMS packs, local packs*369#
    Idea USSD Code to check Best Offer (Idea Balance Check)*121*21#
    Idea USSD Code to Deactivate 3G Internet Balance (Idea Balance Check)SMS “DEACTIVATE3G” to 12345
    Idea USSD Code to Activate 3G Internet Balance (Idea Balance Check)SMS “ACT3G” to 12345
    Idea USSD Code to activate call waiting services*43#
    Idea USSD code to deactivate call waiting for services*44#
    USSD code to Transfer balance to another mobile number in IDEA*567*< Receiver Number > <space> <amount>#
    Idea Find Own Mobile Number Code *131*1#

    Idea USSD Codes for other Services.

    Idea USSD Code for Menu Services*147#
    Idea Loan USSD Code*150*10# Or *150*20#
    Idea Internet data MB Loan CodeSMS ” ICREDIT ” to 144 then you will get 30MB 3G Data for only 1 Day.
    Idea USSD code for Rs 5 Internet data load*165#
    USSD Code for Idea Cellular Menu Service*111#
    Idea USSD Code to view free benefits*167*1#
    Idea USSD Code to view usage benefits*167*3#
    Idea USSD code to view loan benefits*167*4#
    USSD Code for Idea GPRS SettingsSMS “SET” to 12345
    USSD Code for Idea DNS servicesSMS “START” to 1909
    USSD Code to get Hunny bunny hello tuneSMS “HB” to 56789
    Idea USSD Code for 20MB Internet data loan*150*773#
    Idea USSD Code for Customer Care number or Complaint number198 or 12345
            • Previously we shared the list of all states

    Idea 3G Plans.

    Share this amazing list with your friends. And tell them to remember those Idea USSD Codes. If you want more future updates then subscribe to our daily mailing list or you can like our facebook page to get updated faster. Feel free to comment below.


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      *451# or *161*1#

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    how to share data balance from idea postpaid to idea prepaid

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    When ever my net pack fully used than idea start to use main balance till main balance become zero . How to prevent such event. Please advise .

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    Free 150 mb

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    how to activate data if any number is there for examples 1.activate. the number is not here then how can i activate

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      *191# for call , roaming etc validity

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