Best Backup Apps for Android (2017)

So, are you searching for best backup App for android. Then you are at right place. I am going to tell you the best backup apps for android. If you are resetting your Smartphone then you should need best backup App which will help you to take backup and restore android after reset you will be able to get your all apps. However, there are lots of android data backup app on the internet and you can’t able to decide which app will help you better. That’s why I am here to give you the list of the backup app for android.

Android is very popular OS in the world. And almost every people are using it. Android’s main competitor is IOS by Apple. Android phone backup app is important things will always help you in future. So, If you have not installed android backup apps then you should install and create the backup of your apps right now.

As you know Tech Maniya is always making and educating users with new things of Android that’s why I am here to tell you the importance of backup. Just say if your Android OS got corrupted then you will not be able to get your all apps and other things. So, you should ready with your backup files.

Best Backup App for Android 2017 (Complete Backup)

There are a lot of android data backup apps and their competition of backup. Sometimes you are rooting your smartphone so backup is very important at that time. So, I will tell you most reputed and best backup app for android. And you will be the wonder that I personally tested them, they are working fluently.

#1. CM Backup (Complete backup for Android)

CM backup is most popular and best backup app for android backup and restore. This App has various features that will help you to take backup manually or automatic. They will provide you android cloud backup storage as well, With the help of cloud storage you can restore any phone to any device. Most amazing thing is that it is completely free with 5GB cloud space. If you haven’t tried this backup app then I will recommend you to try this app and then you will see the difference of your current backup app.

#2. Easy Backup And Restore – Free Backup

Easy backup is also another great android phone backup app which will help you to backup and then you restore your important apps and documents. You can save your backup file on lots of third party cloud storages like Google Drive, one plus, dropbox etc. With the help of these cloud storages, you can take backup and it will secure for a long time and it will update from time to time. Just install this best super backup app and enjoy!

#3. Helium (Premium Android Backup)

Helium is for those people who want to invest on some app and get services of backup facilities. This app will mostly purchase by rich people. As we are not so rich but our many users may be rich, that’s why I included this. As it is also a backup app for android, which will help you to take backup and services. It will cost $4.99 which is not too much for rich people. After purchasing it you will see some of the hidden features which you will not see on free backup apps.

#4. My Backup (Best Backup App for Android)

My Backup is also the best backup app for android. That’s why this backup app is listed here. It has a complete solution for backing up and restoration of your backup. However, My backup is a premium app that means you have to invest on their app. One more thing is that it requires Root Access if you are not rooted then leave this backup app.

#5. Titanium backup

This backup App is also popular among all android users. Actually, this android backup App is too much old however, you will get lots of options when you install it. Unfortunately, it is also rooting required. Well, if you are rooted then you should give it a try.

#6. App Backup And Restore

It is the most popular android backup app, which will help you to backup your all apps. You can take backup with the help of a single click. It’s UI is very simple, all you need to do is just check all the boxes of your desired app and hit backup button. With a couple of minutes, it will take backup of your all apps.

#7. Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is made by google. It is actually, Google drive, which will help you to take backup your all data. You can also download your all data with the help of Google drive. Previously we shared the article How to use Google Drive. Whenever you will need your bakcup files.

Final Words!!

So, It was our guide on best backup apps for android. Well, you can install them and find suitable app backup according to your need then you can able to take backup. If you want more things like this then you can subscribe to our daily newsletter or you can like our facebook page to get more updated things.

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