10 Best fitness Apps for Android (2017)

Best fitness App for android smartphone. If you want to be fit, then you should install these apps and then track your all fitness activities. Having fit with the amazing body will help you to feel and be best among your friend circle. These best fitness apps will help you to make your body best and after using them perfectly, you will become a fit person in your friend circle. So if you are a fitness freak then go for these best workout apps.

There are many young students who are using these best health and fitness apps and they build their body and show to girl. After that, you know what will happen. So, basically these are best fitness apps which will help you to make your life smoother. It is very important for you to choose best workout apps for android.

Best Fitness Apps For Android 2017 (Workout and Tracker Apps)

#1. Endomondo – Best Running Tracker Apps for Android

Endomondo is the best workout app for running or cycling. This app will calculate your walking and cycling timing and then it will tell you how many calories burnt by you. If you are feeling boring then there is an audio which will keep motivating you for doing all your workout. You can keep every record that you made with this app and see them later.

#2. Instant Heart Rate

This app is amazing and even I am using it personally. If you are feeling that your BP is low or high, but you can’t able to check it on the Go. Then this app is very convenient, with the help of this app you can check your BP very easily. And you know technology is growing day by day, all you have to do is just place your index finger on camera then this fitness android app will calculate the rate of your heartbeat. After some calculation, this app will tell you the exact heart beat rate. You should install this best fitness app for android.

#3. SleepBot

Do you know? sleeping is the best way to give rest to your brain and body after doing work. It is very important for everybody to sleep for almost 8 to 9 hours for brains. However, in this competition of the world, many people can’t able to take some time to sleep. But don’t worry with the help of this app you can calculate your sleep time. This health app will record your sleep time, that how much you are sleeping in 24 hours. The main feature is that this app will tell you about some guidelines for sleeping which will help you to sleep better.

#4. Calorie Counter – Best Fitness Apps

The calorie counter is also best fitness apps for android. It will tell you how many calories you have burnt in a certain time. It will also help you to maintain your diet by eating some healthy food. If you don’t know some healthy food then this app will help you to get some better food to maintain your diet. Perfectly using this app will successfully grant you to the best fitness figure. One more thing is that in this app is BarCode scanner which will also help to read barcode in your food wrapper.

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#5. Moves – Best Workout Apps for Android

Here is another best fitness app which will help you to record your steps. This app will record you each step that you made while running or walking. With the help of fitness app, you can able to find out that how much KM or miles you are walking per day. Isn’t that great app for a workout. You can install this app and see the difference of your walking. I know some people who rarely walking on the roads.

#6. Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer is the best workout app for android, which will guide you on how to do the perfect workout. With the help of this app, you can create your own routine and follow it daily, I challenge you if you daily maintain your workout with this app then you will see some muscles in your body.

#7. VirtuaGym Fitness

VirtuaGym is also best workout or gym App. If you are serious about your fitness then you should use this app. This app has great features like you will see some 3D videos and many audios which will help you to do the workout even better. It has a timer also which will record each thing as do. And Do you know I am also using this App that’s why I am telling you that this is the best fitness app?

#8. JEFIT Workout Tracker

Jefit workout tracker is also best fitness app for android, if you are a bodybuilding fan and wants to build your muscles like professionals then this app will help you to make somebody with Gym equipment. However, you can create your own custom plans if you find it useful.

Final Words!!

Here is the best fitness or workout apps. So, if you are really serious about your health, workout, bodybuilding then these apps are best fitness apps for android. You can download them and find which one suits you. If you want more information then you can subscribe our daily mailing list or you can like our facebook page to be updated.

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  1. Mark Vince says:

    A report finds more than 165,000 mobile health apps now available on the different app store for people to use. There are 58% of Smartphone Owners who Download, Use Mobile Health Apps. By this we can say that how craze these apps have in the life of people. These are the reason why people started taking care of their health as they are able to monitor the progress through this app which motivates them to work more.

    Mark Vince | Mobiloitte

  2. Durgesh Yadav says:


    This is a good list for fitness apps. But what I find about some of them is lack of dedication for its users. There are Indian apps like Fitso, Healthifyme, Obino and few others. You should include them too.

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