Best Full Guide to use BlueStacks & BS Tweaker for Free Recharge Tricks

Best Full Guide to use BlueStacks & BS Tweaker for Free Recharge Tricks

Today I came with the amazing trick with this you can easily tweak Bluestacks without any problem and earn almost unlimited with Free recharge apps. Nowadays, Bluestacks tweaker is one of the hottest things on this internet. As you know there are some apps which they give free recharge when you install their app. However, if you use Bluestack tweaker in an efficient way then you can earn unlimited by bluestacks. That’s why I came with this trick which is only for my reader. Previously we shared the list of Best Free Android Emulators for PC.

What is Bluestacks?

BlueStacks App player is an amazing tool, which allows you to Run Android application right in your Computer and Laptops. So, You can install free recharge apps with this bluestack and can tweak it to get an unlimited recharge.

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Features of BlueStacks and BS Tweaker February 2016

  1. Every Android App is working in this tool.
  2. You can easily clear the cache of any app without any problem.
  3. You can easily change of Android ID, Google Advertising ID.
  4. You can do a Factory reset on it.
  5. Almost all recharge tricks are working after changing some values.
  6. You can change Model number for tricks like Galaxy600.
  7. It is working is every PC and Laptop.

Free Download Rooted Bluestacks and BS Tweaker

Note:  This the best tool that will change the Android ID and other values.

How to use BlueStacks and BS Tweaker for Free Recharge Tricks

  1. First of all download and Install both Software from above links.
  2. Open BS Tweaker
  3. Then after installation opens this software and click to change GUID, Google Advertising ID, and Android ID one by one.
  4. Click on Full Stop BS Tweaker to make different values.
  5. Then Feel free to open BlueStacks and do your Stuff.
  6. So after doing all things like installing recharge apps.
  7. Then right click on BS Tweaker and select “Run BS Tweaker as Administrator”
  8. Exit full stop BS tweaker.
  9. Delete all Data and SDCard Files click on both buttons.
  10. Just repeat every step for every recharge.

NOTE: Do not touch any other values as it may crash the Software.

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