Best Launchers for Android (Android launchers 2017)

Are you searching for Best Android Launchers for android? Then this is the right place for you, I will give you one of the best Launchers for android. All you need to do is just download launchers according to your need. Let’s suppose if you want to install launchers for saving your battery. Then you can download those launchers because I have selected almost all type of launchers.

Now, People are customizing their smartphones with the help of launchers. You can too able to personalize your smartphone with the help of these Android Launchers.

Best Launchers for Android: Android launchers 2017

#1. Best Launcher for windows phone: Action Launcher 3

Best Launchers for Android smartphone

This theme is fully embraced Android Lollipop and has received the prestigious updates that work brilliantly with the equipment. One of the best features that pop up on the left side of your screen, similar to the Windows Start menu and without them cluttering up your home screen lets you launch your favorite apps. You fully customize all your apps list, as well as your favorite’s content, layout, icons, and colors can tweak.

#2. Best Firefox addicts: Firefox OS

Best Launchers for Android smartphone

Its operating system is functioning as a developer preview, you still need to flash Firefox OS on your Android device. OS operates as a launcher. It’s very simple, symbol, Firefox’s market access, and privacy features.

It seems that we have been testing a lower resolution than the screen of the device is ready, and it is natural for a developer preview, at which time the symbols are so large that its a little laggy. But you are interested in seeing what Mozilla is cooking up, so is worth a spin.

#3. Best for an intuitive tool: C launcher

Best Launchers for Android smartphone

C launcher of your phone works in seconds that will reach every remote corner is a gorgeous and economic launchers. It (all on the device) using your phone, depending on which apps you use in some places to provide relevant suggestions tracks. System Cleaner also includes a built-in C-launchers, and thousands of themes to customize it.

#4. For simplicity Best Solo Launcher

Best Launchers for Android smartphone

Solo Launcher does not use many of your own icons, but it makes some sweet animations, and we encounter it on the launchers from the bundled apps and widgets are lighter. It is such a simple search on the home screen, swipe up gesture as making some neat functions, but it does not change the way your device works. It can not go unnoticed that a simple, subtle changes and this is its greatest strength.

#5. Bold Best: Buzz Launcher

Best Launchers for Android smartphone

Buzz launcher we’ve seen on Android offers some inventive subjects. Your community has come up to suit all tastes, with a full range of professional-looking ideas. You try to make yourself without a bold new look on your Android, then Buzz is unbeatable, but you get the most from the extra Buzz widget will need to download the app.

#6. Best for your phone going round circles: Smart Launcher

Best Launchers for Android smartphone


Smart Launcher really changes things inside out. Instead of neat rows and boxes, smart launcher apps most used apps and classified gives rings of vertical cascades. It is associated with the application manager, so if you delete an icon, the app has also been removed. It is simple and unique and based on over five million installed is a 4.6-star rating.

#7. 3D Best: Next Launcher

Best Launchers for Android smartphone

Next Launcher 3D Launcher is quite possibly the best available. This launcher is compared with anything else on this list just how radically different it is difficult to put into words. As with all the best features of the launcher, are not free, but the cost is worth the premium version of the wow-factor. On your phone, a high-tech, attention-grabbing want a launcher, the free version to try and see if you can resist the upgrade.

#8. Best for subtle sophistication: APUS Launcher

Best Launchers for Android smartphone


APUS is currently the most popular on Android launchers, largely thanks to its beautiful Pinko. The launcher themes, custom icons combines, and today it features some APUS own brand to one of the most comprehensive launchers. You should definitely check this one out, it’s free; APUS ‘animations are top notch.

#9. The best for the economy: Hola launcher

Best Launchers for Android smartphone

Hola launcher largely thanks to how it economical, has made a name for himself. The initial download comes in at just over 1 MB and with that a reorganized interface, the new app icon and makes some grand themes. But it is thin is not just the size of your file, hola on their use of the processing power is too hard to beat – it also requires less RAM than the fastest Android launchers.

#10. To optimize the best: Apex Launcher

Best Launchers for Android smartphone

Apex Launcher Play Store and an average rating of 4.3 stars, with more than a million downloads of the most popular custom launcher, is now available. The icons, themes, animations and transition effects to launch endless customization options, full home screen and app drawer control, gesture settings, and offers tons. Already formidable launcher for free and a paid version, which adds, even more, features, too.

#11. Best for everyone: Nova Launcher

Best Launchers for Android smartphone

Alternative Android launchers undisputed king, Nova Launcher, almost everyone holds a position on the smartphone. With more than five million downloads from the Play Store, the fans can not be wrong. The launchers in the world offer an accessible and functional entry point. ‘Icon generalization’, a new feature has become a fan favorite, and all your icons covering an area of the screen to ensure consistently surprisingly uses complex algorithms. What this means, not just within the same frame size mouse is fitting, they have to look at making them more attractive, regardless of size, is extended to cover the same area.

#12. Best for style and simplicity: GO Launcher EX

Best Launchers for Android smartphone

GO Launcher EX was more than a hundred million installations, and the exceptional quality Android launchers, a 4.5-star rated. You can go as a free launcher is as polished, and features some excellent animations and 3D effects. Go Launcher downside can get a little annoying that there is a lot of cross-promotion.

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