5 Best methods to fix or Disable write-protected Error of pendrive 1

5 Best methods to fix or Disable write-protected Error of pendrive

I am back with an amazing tutorial (methods to fix to write protected error on a pen drive). Write protected errors come anytime and they are really frustrating when you don’t know how to fix it. Well, you don’t have to worry about it, I am here with a full guide which will tell you how you can disable or fix the write-protected error.

There are lots of solution over the internet but some of them are shit. And they can’t able to solve your problem. Well, you are at right place. I will share working methods to fix or disable write-protected error of pendrive. First of all, I will tell you why this error occurred.

Why Write-Protected error is coming in Pendrive

  1. This error can come due to software issues.
  2. It can also come when your pendrive has some physical damage.
  3. It may also happen when your pendrive have the dangerous virus.

Methods/tips to fix write-protected error in pendrive

#1. Scan your Pendrive with Anti-Virus

This is a very easy method to remove this kind of error if your problem is normal then your error will disappear after scanning. Well, if you are still getting this error then you can follow our next method.

#2. Check User Account Settings

You should check user account settings. Some of the settings are configured to not provide sufficient permission to storage devices. So, you can follow below steps to check it.

  • Open My computer and open properties of your pendrive.
  • Then go to security Tab and check everything is ticked.
  • If you saw some options are not ticked then simply tick or enable it.
  • After it, your problem will solve.

#3. Format pendrive

However, there may be some chances when you will not be able to solve from above methods. Yes, you should format your pendrive. No matter how much important document you have in your pendrive.

  • Open your My computer
  • Right click on your pendrive and select format.
  • Then you should format it.

#4. Disable Write-protected by registry editor

If you are still getting this error then you can try disabling registry editor. Follow below steps to do that.

  • Open Run, Press Windows+R button same time.
  • Then type regedit and click ok.
  • Now, follow it


  • After it, click on writeprotected twice.
  • Then change value 1 to 0 and click ok.
  • So, remove your pendrive and restart your PC.

#5. Disable Write-Protected error by Command prompt

Some methods will work for someone else. However, if you are still getting this error then I have the last method to disable that error.

  • Just Open your Run and type CMD.
  • Now, type DISKPART and hit enter.
  • Type LIST VOLUME and hit enter.
  • Type SELECT VOLUME A, A is volume label.
  • Type ATTRIBUTES DISK CLEAR READOMLY, then your write-protected will be disabled.
  • Then type EXIT and hit enter.

Final Words!!

So, guys here was our guide on how to fix write-protected error on pendrive. If you can easily able to solve your problem then you can share it with your friends. If you want more tutorials like this then you can subscribe to our mailing list or you can like our facebook page to get updated. Feel free to comment  below.

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