Best Sites to Send Unlimited Free SMS without Registrations in India

Best Sites Apps to Send Unlimited Free SMS without Registrations in India

If you are searching for the best free SMS sites in India then you are at right place. I will tell you best sites to send free SMS. There are many free SMS sites which allow you to send free SMS in the world. Sometimes We don’t have enough balance in our Sim then these free SMS sites are the best way to tell anyone with a single message. That person will easily understand your problem and then they may call you. With the help of these free SMS sites, you can easily send a message to your friends, relatives or Any Bf or Gf ;).

You can send unlimited free messages. But in present time mostly users use WhatsApp, IMO, and other free communication App, but WhatsApp has one weakness that you can get those messages if you are online or connected to the internet. However, If you use these free SMS online sites to send messages then that person can easily get that message even he is offline. So, Stay tuned I am telling you the Best Unlimited Free SMS Site List in India. Previously we shared free calling tricks.

Top Sites to Send Free SMS without Registrations in India

Before getting free SMS site list, I need to ensure you that you must connect to the internet. Because sender needs an active Internet to send free SMS online, However, the receiver can easily get that message even He  is offline. You can also check Best Android Smartphones under Rs 5000.

#1. To Send Unlimited Free SMS

This site is an amazing site for Indians. You can send unlimited free SMS within in India. However, you can’t able to send free SMS in international communities. Just for their privacy, they don’t allow to send free SMS to other countries. It is very difficult to review each message because many people can use it as illegal and harm some innocent people.

#2. 160By2- To Send Unlimited Free SMS

Ultoo is amazing site and this site is popular these days. Many youngsters are using this site and sending Free text message without having any problem. There are many features on this site, which you can’t find on other sites. Like you can recharge your Sim by earning credits or playing simple games. You can send 150 words sms for free and you can store your contacts for sending fast sms.

#3. FullOnSMS- To Send Unlimited Free SMS

This site is amazing for you. In this site, you can easily send SMS free with maximum 440 Characters. You can send messages in other languages like Hindi and Tamil. If you forgot your friends phone number then you can create a phonebook there and enter each of your friends and then start to send free messages to everyone. You can send group messages as well. Like if you want to wish everyone Happy New Year then you can send Group messages to your whole phone book.

#4. Indyrocks– To Send Unlimited Free SMS

Indyrocks was quite famous at the previous time when Whatsapp and facebook are not so popular. However, many of the users are using this free sms site and they can easily send messages. It has a unique feature that most of the free SMS sites don’t have. You can schedule the message that when the clock hits 12:00 AM then this message will be sent to this number. Their Server will send that message in exact time without taking a single second.

#5. Atrochatro- To Send Unlimited Free SMS

With the help of this site you can send messages to anyone, whether they are using GSM or CDMA. This type of free sms sites useful when new events are starting. In this site, you can stream the latest music live as you send SMS to your friends.

#6. MySMS India- To Send Free Bulk SMS

Mysms India give you a chance to send free SMS through India. There are no limits in the characters; you can send any message anytime. It is free to use, you will not see any advertising on it. And they will not cost you for your SMS. Mysms is also best Free SMS site in India without registration. I think you should give a try.

#7. SMS Country- To Send Unlimited Free SMS

SMS Country offers you to send online free SMS from the internet. With the help of SMS Country, many marketers are using it and maintain their marketing strategies. This site may use Individuals or Any Retail consumers for their specific purpose. Enterprises or Corporate consumers can use this. This is supported by Software/Internet Applications.

It is very easy to use, very simple integration, it has zero starts up the cost. You can get feedback through delivery reports, customised bulk push.

So, I shared all best Free SMS site without registrations. I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful. If you found it useful then share it with your friends and tell them to use these sites for Free SMS. You can subscribe our Daily Mailing list then you will not miss a single post from us or you can like our facebook page to get updates faster as possible. Feel free to comment below I am here to solve your problems.


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