(Working) How to check SAR Value of Android Smartphone

In the meantime, Android smartphone became the first priority of everyone’s life. If you take a survey then you will know that everyone has Android smartphone. So, if you are also using Android smartphone then you should know SAR Value of Each smartphone. I will tell you how to check SAR Value. After Checking SAR Value then you will be able to suggest your smartphone to others. SAR value is based on measuring power absorbed from mobile phones. The value will depend heavily on Geometry of the part of the body, it can be exposed to RF Energy.

How to check SAR Value of Mobile

SAR has limits for exposure to emit radio frequency energy, which is 1.6 watts per kilograms. However, this is the limit of SAR, if you get SAR value above than 1.6 watts then you might be in danger. In this process, I will tell you how you can easily able to check SAR value with the help of USSD Code.

You can able to check Radiation level in the name of SAR by dialing USSD Code *#07# after dialing it, you will get the results. Make sure that your SAR value is lower than 1.6 watts per kilogram. If you found that your SAR Value is above than 1.6 watts then you should contact your customer care immediately.

SAR Value of Famous Smartphones

  • iPhone 6: 1.59 W/kg
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2: 0.42 w/kg
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3: 1.07 w/kg
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 1.20 w/kg
  • Samsung Galaxy S 5: 1.28 w/kg
  • LG G 3: 0.99 w/kg
  • LG G 2: 1.44 w/kg
  • HTC One (M8): 1.29 w/kg
  • Lenovo A6000 Plus: 1.2 w/kg
  • Lenovo k3 note: 1.59 w/kg

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