• Free Calling Tricks on Airtel, Idea, Vodafone (Every Indian SIM)

    Free Calling Tricks on Airtel, Idea, Vodafone (Every Indian SIM)

    I came with best and amazing trick to you. I know you want to call with your GF/BF, but your talk time and your call bills will stop you from talking. Don’t Worry I am here to tell you an amazing unlimited Talktime trick.

    You can able to talk unlimited minutes with your friends, Families, Girl Friend and boyfriend. This Calling Free trick can activate through the active wheel because we just get free GPRS and you always where the trick is posted on the every network that now we are sharing Calling Free tricks Well we previously shared free internet trick and free messages sending trick, the active wheel is posted trick using Airtel calling the previous best tricks. You connect with your friends, or just the active wheel toll-free love once and then you can get to talk with him / her is unlimited, no time limit call.

    I tested this free calling trick and this free calling trick is working on all sim networks, you can talk free anyone anytime. Previously we shared Airtel 3g plans list.

    Update: Now this trick will give you only 2 minutes of talking for only 1 Time. 

    Method 1: How to call unlimited Talktime from any SIM with Free Calling Trick

    1. 180020802080 (toll-free number) – The first time all give their views on a missed call using the number
    2. Now you will receive a call back in a few minutes.
    3. Now call and follow the instructions.
    4. Now tell your name + your friend’s mobile number (to which you want to talk). You can type your friend’s mobile number on DialPad.
    5. Done!! Now the friend will also receive a call.
    6. Once you pick your friends to call you both are connected.
    7. Now talk with your friends enjoy unlimited.

    I tested this trick on my own networks and this trick is working 100%. You can easily able to call and talk unlimited with your loved ones. However, this trick will not work in outside states, but this trick will work on local states. You can call anyone who is living in your state.

    New ideas and thoughts to work for regular users calling the free move offer ID Default telecommunications. The social campaign offers your thoughts. To lead to new and old customers Please share with your friends.

    Method 2: How to Free calling in every SIM (Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Aircel, BSNL) [Updated]

    Using this method you can make a free call. There is a method that provides you option to make a free call by completing the offer of advertisement. After successfully completing the offer you will easily able to make a free call.

    Free Calling tricks

    1. First of all Download, Freekall app from play store.
    2. Now select your contact you want to call that person.
    3. Now complete the offer that is displaying you phone wall.
    4. When you will complete the offer they will add little amount of credit into your account.
    5. Now you able to do free call.
    6. Now select the number you want to call then you will receive a call from free call then they will connect that number free.

    Free calling tricks from PC

    On the web many websites that provide free calling facility. You need to register for making a free call.

    1. First of all, go to https://www.dingaling.com/
    2. Signup your account and fill the required details.
    3. Now enter your mobile number and also enter that mobile number you want to make the call.
    4. Now hit the free call button.
    5. Wait for few second. You will receive a call after that your number will get connected to the number you want to call them.

    This method is working for free calling for following service operator MTS free calling a trick, BSNL free calling trick, Vodafone free calling trick, Idea free calling trick, Tata Docomo Free calling trick, Airtel free calling trick.

    Using this trick you can call anywhere in India. This trick needs authentication to make a free call in India

    1. First of all, go to http://calling.net
    2. Signup your account and fill required details and verify using authorization code you receive from calling.net.
    3. Now give a missed call on 8001008023
    4. Now enter that number you want to make call and press # at the end of the number.

    Now your call connected to that number provide by you. Or either you can use WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or hike for free calling.

    You can share this trick with your friends and tell them to use this trick and get free calling tricks. If you want more tricks like this then subscribe to our mailing lists to get latest updates. If you have any queries then feel free to comments below.

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