How to Download or Run WhatsApp on PC/Laptop

Most people look over internet to run or use WhatsApp on Laptop/PC. Here in the tutorial, you will get all the steps to run Whatsapp on Computer. This trick requires Blue Stack software to run Whatsapp on your Computer and another one is the WhatsApp.apk file.

If you don’t know about Bluestack Software. First, read out about bluestack over Wikipedia.

Read short introduction about Bluestack software here.

Bluestacks app player is a computer software which allows users to run all android apps on desktop/Laptop.It is a program that makes the bridge connection between mobile and desktop and allows to users to run the android file. Using this software, you can easily run any Android file in your system, but it is very difficult to play or run motion games because this type game needs the motion sensor.

When we run motion sensor game in PC it is not possible to move a laptop or PC.  We were talking about to run Whatsapp on Pc. Below I am going to mention few steps to run Whatsapp on PC.

  • Bluetack Software
  • WhatsApp.apk Android file.

How to Download or Run WhatsApp on PC

Run whatsapp on PC


You can install Bluestack Software by two ways, one is the Online installer and another one Bluestack Software full setup.

Online installer application file is processed to Install blue stack software directly to the server in this system you need a high-speed internet connection to install in your system. If you will use slow network speed it takes very long time for installation and also a chance for internet connection error and many other problems.

After installation this software you need. Apk file of android it is a source code file of Android. If you have two files Bluestack app player and source file you can easily run what app in your system.

 Steps by step to run Whatsapp on PC or Laptop

Download Bluestack Offline Installer

Step 1. Firstly install blue stack software on your computer/Laptop.

Step 2. Now Download WhatsApp.apk file.

Step 3. Now double click on the WhatsApp.apk file. It will automatically install in your bluestack software.

Step 3. After installing .apk file, then open blue stack installed software. Here is your installed WhatsApp.apk file then clicks on what app and register your WhatsApp number here and easily enjoy what’s app on your laptop or PC.

Run whatsapp on PC


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