How to find out who unfriended you on Facebook

who unfriended me on facebook

Hello, friends today I will tell you the feature of Facebook that feature I am going to tell you How to know Who unfriend you on Facebook. You already tried to find an answer to that question. Some people find their answer, but some people didn’t get their answer. You can also check our notepad tricks. So I am taking about Facebook friends or unfriend feature. Facebook provides every facility to users. But at a higher level, Facebook do not provide this feature. You have ever seen many friends in your friend list. It is very difficult to remember which of the friends in a friend list. You see mostly time your friend list going to down because of friends unfriend you. While using How to find out who unfriended you on Facebook, you should be careful because your friend might me using this trick as well. check our whatsapp status for fooling your friends.

Let’s suppose your friend is unfriend you, and you didn’t know who is unfriend you. With this feature, you will know each and every person who unfriend you. When they unfriend you. It will tell you everything about it. It is very easy to implement, the only thing you have to do is just install an app. There are some of the backup apps also present you should check them as well.

App name is who deleted me? You can find this app on play store. Just search the name of the app and you will find there. And install it. I am here to tell you how to check who unfriended you on Facebook.

Open this app and login your Facebook account there. That’s it from now you will know who unfriended you? You will not know who unfriended you before installed this app, after installing this app you will know everything.

This trick is 100% working testing by us. If you have any query and problem regarding this app, you can comment below. I will always here to help you. With this trick, you can easily know How to find out who unfriended you on Facebook. Some of the 4GB RAM smartphones also launched in India.

Do share this trick with your friends, so they will not unfriend you. Because then they know you are using this trick to track unfriended person. If you want more tricks like this then subscribe our newsletter or like our Facebook page for daily updates.

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