How to Know connected Wi-Fi password on Laptop (PC)

Friends everybody wants to find out the Wi-Fi password on a connected PC. I know you can’t understand from these lines so I will tell you through by example. Mostly time you go to a cyber cafe for using the Internet on PC. Cafe owner provides you already connected network PC. When you enter Wi-Fi password, a hidden file of Wi-Fi password saves on your PC. If you find the file you can easily find out the Wi-Fi password on a connected PC. Simple two ways to find out the password in a connected network PC.

How to Know connected Wi-Fi password on Laptop(PC): Method 1.

The first method is trying to find out in the network and sharing center setting.

  • Go to connected Wi-Fi signal option and right click on it, then the Open and network sharing center option will show you. Click on open and network sharing center and go to Change adapter setting option.
  • Now some Network connection will show you in those of network right click on Wi-Fi network and go to status option. Remember it this is possible in a connected Wi-Fi network in PC otherwise if your Pc is not connected to the network then this option will automatically show hidden.

find wifi password

  • When you click on status option then this type of window show you like as shown in the image.
  • Go to Wireless properties option and click on security option. Some wireless setting will show you. In the network security option, your Wi-Fi password is saved. Then click on show characters. Congratulation you find your Wi-Fi network password.

Note: – In case someone is using administrator privilege then use the second method.

How to know connected Wi-Fi password on Laptop(PC): Method 2.

The second step is using RUN command method. In case, someone is using administrator privilege than some difficulty to find out the Wi-Fi password.

  1. I will tell u steps using an image or typically. Press Window +R key in your system then RUN will show you; after that enter cmd in RUN then hit on the enter button.
  2. A small window of run command will show you.
  3. find wifi password
  4. Enter in command “netsh wlan show profile” then hit on Enter button. After getting data through by then command, some list of the network will show you. Follow steps like as images.
  5. Then choose which your Wi-Fi network name is; you want to find out the password of that network.
  6. Now come on the next step then follow nest step
  7. find wifi password
  8. Enter command again “netsh wlan show profile “Network profile name “ key = clear then hit on enter button
  9. Here is your saved Wi-Fi password in the command that is shown in run command.

If you face any difficulty to find out password then feel free to ask a question in a comment below. I will be always there to reply your all queries.

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4 Responses

  1. Ravi Teja says:

    i went to cybercafe i want to know its wifi password. i followed ur method command method not wrkng. and i cant see wifi signal option in taskbar and i cant see wireless properties option. plz tell me how to open wireless properties in win xp
    my fb id plz reply me :-

    • Admin says:

      I will tell you that only laptop has ability to connect through wifi, and on cyber shops have desktops. So, they use LAN cable for internet access. So, you will not be able to know password. And they also set Administrator privilege. This method is for stealing neighbors wifi password 🙂

  2. anitha says:

    Well done … i found my password.. thank you so much

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