100% Working Make (Create Bootable USB Pendrive) (Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10)

If you are facing the problem while creating Bootable Pendrive. Here is the very easiest method to create Bootable Pendrive. We need to create bootable Pendrive of installing windows in your system without CD/DVD. You can use Pendrive for installing windows on your computer. Every day many people try to make bootable Pendrive, but not get success.

You know Why?

Because on the web, everybody tells about the Run command to make bootable pen drive. Command method is very hard to create bootable Pendrive for a beginner. Every user doesn’t know, he is using command is right or wrong, some users fail to create bootable Pendrive because they properly not follow the command.

This Pendrive bootable method, which I am going to tell you is very easy.

Before begin, the process makes sure you have Windows iso file and Minimum 4GB storage Pendrive.

If new users don’t know about bootable Pendrive then read it below.

What is Bootable Pen drive?

Bootable Pendrive is a method to install windows in your system through Pendrive, after doing this you can easily use your pen drive for installing the operating system. With this trick, you can able to make bootable Pendrive.

If you want to make bootable Pendrive just follow the steps one by one.

Some of the methods of making bootable pen drive are difficult but here I will tell you the very easy way to make your pendrive bootable. Before using this method, you need windows .iso file for making bootable pen drive. If you don’t have windows .iso file then you can download iso file from below links.

Download Windows 7 ISO File

Download Windows 8.1 ISO File Download Windows 10 ISO File

After Downloading the Windows ISO file follows the below steps.

(Method 1)

How to make Bootable Pendrive in Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10.

#1. First of all, go to Download option and Download 1 MB Size Rufus tool.

#2. Now open the Downloaded Rufus.exe File, after opening it will look like this image.

#3. Insert your Pendrive in your system’s USB port.

How to make bootable pendrive

#4. Run your installed software, usually the safest choice. If you have UEFI computers and wants to install an OS in EFI mode, however, you should select one of the other options.

  • Now select Partition scheme and target system type “MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI computers “.
  • Now go to next option and select File system “NTFS
  • select Cluster size “4096 bytes (Default)”  You can also check Best external hard drives.

#5. Now select “2 Passes” for a device for bad blocks

  • Tick on quick format option, after ticking quick format.
  • Then tick on Create a bootable disk using.
  • Now select ISO image
  • Select your image file from your system
  • Also, tick on create an extended label and icon files.

#6. This is the last step to make Pendrive bootable method now hit on start. It will take few minutes to finish this process after finishing it your pen drive is ready for installing your OS.

It will take few minutes to finish this process after finishing it your pen drive is ready for installing your OS.

Note: – After finish, the bootable process restart the computer and select boot priority USB Drive.Without selecting boot priority your system will not take boot from Pendrive

(Method 2)

How to create Bootable Pendrive in Windows  with cmd 

Here is the second method of making Pendrive bootable. With the help of this method, you can able to make your Pendrive bootable in a couple of minutes. However, you can able to use Windows vista, 7 and 8. You can’t able to use it with Windows 10. It is very easy to do follow my steps carefully.

  1. First of all Open Command Prompt. You should have to open CMD as an Administrator. All you need to do is just right click on it and then select run as administrator. But there is one problem that it will make Pendrive bootable on Windows Vista, 7 and 8.
  2. After opening CMD, enter this command over there disk part
  3. Then it will show you some information about your PC. After you should have to enter another command that is list disk
  4. Now, it will show you, your connected disks. Then enter next command there select disk @ you should replace @ with your disk number.
  5. Here you should clean your drive, all you need to do is just enter new command there clean
  6. Now, this is the important step for making bootable Pendrive. Enter command create partition primary it will create a partition in your Pendrive.
  7. It means you can able to select your new partition. Enter new command here select partition 1 and then hit enter. When you will see status Active then enter another command active and hit enter. With the help of those commands, it will activate the partition.
  8. Now all set to format your USB Drive. Enter this command format fs=32 and hit enter. You can able to see progress in percentage.
  9. Enter this command assign and hit enter, Then type exit for ending disk management program.
  10. The last step is that you have to copy all windows files to USB Drive. As it made your Pendrive bootable. Now are set to go.

If you have any problem with the setup this guide then feels free to comment below. I will surely help you to get out from there.

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