Transfer Balance from Vodafone to Vodafone

If you want to transfer your account balance from Vodafone to Other Vodafone number. I am going to give you a very easy way to transfer Vodafone balance. I am going to post ussd code method to transfer Vodafone balance one Vodafone mobile to other Vodafone number. Only just You need to dial ussd code amount and mobile number of Vodafone, whom you want to transfer account balance.

Balance transfer and Vodafone credit loan service are good to transfer the balance to make a call in case of emergency. You can easily send money to family friends using this Vodafone balance transfer service. Vodafone launched its Vodafone to Vodafone balance transfer features, with the help of this feature you can able to send talk time to your friends or families.

What is Balance Transfer?

Balance transfer means that you can able to send talk time to your friends and families with the help of short ussd code. There will be one network and two-person Sender and Receiver while from sender’s account balance will be deducted and On receiver’s account balance will be added.You can easily able to transfer Vodafone balance with the help of these unique Vodafone money transfer code.

How to Transfer Vodafone Balance from Vodafone to Vodafone

Just Dial this USSD Code to transfer the balance from Vodafone to Vodafone.

*131*Transfer Amount*<Sender Phone number>#

You can follow this method manually

  • Dial *111*3# and proceed.
  • Now proceed to 5th option Bill pay recharge & Balance Transfer.
  • Now select Balance Transfer option and follow the steps.

Vodafone Balance Transfer

Terms & Conditions of Vodafone balance transfer

  1. You can transfer balance between Rs 5 to Rs 30.
  2. You can send balance only once in a day to the same number.
  3. You can send balance only to Vodafone numbers, not other network operators.
  4. The sender should be a user of Vodafone for at least 5 months.
  5. The receiver should be the user of Vodafone for at least 30 days.
  6. This is the format of USSD Code *131*Amount*PhoneNubmer#, your mental friends can get your phone and transfer all maximum amount of balance to his sim. Be aware!

vodafone balance transfer

You can visit to get more info.

I hope you can easily able to transfer Vodafone balance from Vodafone to Vodafone. It is best and 100% working Vodafone money transfer code.  You can share it with your friends, who want to transfer Vodafone balance. If you want more tutorials like this then you can subscribe to our Daily mailing list or you can like our facebook page to get the latest update. Feel free to comment below!


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21 Responses

  1. Mustafa Sadicat says:


    it’s a bad service, I have been duped the second time.
    Today on the 28th July at 3.26 I transferred Rs 30 from my prepaid account to another prepaid account after 10 min when the transferred balance did not reflect on the other number I called the customer care the agent told me to wait for 30 min as that is the time it takes after an hour and half when the credit did not still reflect on the other number I called the customer service again.
    The Agent tells me that the transfer has gone through when I said it is not reflecting on the number he gives me a number on which I transferred but that is not the number I transferred on (co-incidentally the number the agent gave me stating on which I transferred is similar to the number I originally wanted to transfer just a single digit is different)
    The Customer Care tells me that they can’t retract the balance and the recipient who has received it will have to do the same.
    Which I did try to do

    But the Joke is that the other number is not in service
    hah….hah…. ha

    Guess I will have to look for a new service provider

  2. rahul says:

    Procces Postpaid to prepaid bal transfer..?

  3. Rasika says:

    Best solution

  4. Shahabuddin says:

    Thanks it works in vodafone

  5. Sathana venni says:

    Thank u

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