Vodafone Balance: [Transfer Balance from Vodafone to Vodafone]

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  1. Mustafa Sadicat says:


    it’s a bad service, I have been duped the second time.
    Today on the 28th July at 3.26 I transferred Rs 30 from my prepaid account to another prepaid account after 10 min when the transferred balance did not reflect on the other number I called the customer care the agent told me to wait for 30 min as that is the time it takes after an hour and half when the credit did not still reflect on the other number I called the customer service again.
    The Agent tells me that the transfer has gone through when I said it is not reflecting on the number he gives me a number on which I transferred but that is not the number I transferred on (co-incidentally the number the agent gave me stating on which I transferred is similar to the number I originally wanted to transfer just a single digit is different)
    The Customer Care tells me that they can’t retract the balance and the recipient who has received it will have to do the same.
    Which I did try to do

    But the Joke is that the other number is not in service
    hah….hah…. ha

    Guess I will have to look for a new service provider

  2. rahul says:

    Procces Postpaid to prepaid bal transfer..?

  3. Rasika says:

    Best solution

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