How to use Chrome Remote Desktop in Android (Easy Way) 3

How to use chrome remote desktop

How to Use Chrome Remote Desktop

Here is the similar method to connect your PC with your phone. Most, people are searching over the internet for How to use Chrome Remote Desktop. With this Chrome remote desktop, you can easily able to use your Computer from your Android smartphone. You can use team viewer method or chrome desktop method, but the remote desktop method doesn’t lag. Team viewer needs high internet speed. The remote desktop method required to run a Gmail Id. You will need an internet connection in both systems. With this software, you can easily connect your PC from anywhere in the world.

What is Chrome remote desktop?

Chrome remote desktop is software; with this software, you can control your PC from any other system. It released on October 8, 2011. It is developed by google. For using this method, you should have chrome browser in your system. If you don’t have chrome then installs it now. Chrome remote desktop works smooth as butter.  As you might think if anybody can use your PC, then don’t worry. Nobody will able to use your PC because it is protected by PIN. So you have to change that PIN time to time just like your password. With this method, you can easily able to Access chrome remote desktop on Android smartphone.

You can run this software in limited Operating system (chrome os, ios, Android, Windows, os x, Linux beta). If you want to run chrome remote desktop in your PC then make sure that you have such type  operating system which supports  this software. This tool uses chromoting protocol which is developed by Google.

Now you already know what is the chrome remote desktop. So it’s time to do some practical. Get started.

How to use chrome remote desktop

Step-1. Firstly go to your Web Store and type on search option “Chrome remote desktop” then click on add to extension option it will take a couple of minutes for downloading. After downloading, it will automatically install chrome remote desktop in your browser. After that click on Launch app menu.

How to use chrome remote desktop

Step-2.  After adding Chrome remote desktop extension, you need to do some settings then it will automatically ask you to enter your Gmail id password for login and then it will show this type of window that is shown in the picture.

How to use chrome remote desktop

Then click on Enable Remote connection, it will automatically redirect you to a setup file named; chrome remote desktop host.msi file. Download and install that file in your system. Under disable remote connection option there is an option of change pin is shown, PIN is mandatory for connecting your phone to your PC. Then click on change Pin option. Enter here your desired pin code that is used for connecting to your PC.

Step-3. Now pick up your smartphone and install Chrome remote desktop app from play store then login this software from your Email Id which is used by you in your Pc Bowser.

How to use chrome remote desktop

Nowhere will show your PC name, now tap on your Pc username and enter your Pin that is set by you in chrome remote browser.

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