How to use TeamViewer in Android Phone (2017)

How to control your Laptop or PC by using your android smartphone. Well, mostly people are searching over the internet for how to use Team viewer. It’s not a joke you can easily control your PC from anywhere without stopping your work. You need not stop your work and restart again. I mean to say you can easily see and control your PC screen through by your smartphone. For controlling your PC, you need a network like  Wi-Fi or LAN connection and you can use other network connection for your PC and Laptop and internet connection also required in the smartphone because this method only works online not offline. Previously we shared the article about how to control your smartphone using mouse or keyboard. For controlling your PC through your smart phone, you need Team Viewer Software for PC and another one is an android smartphone. In this Guide, you will able to learn some of the basics to advanced Guide ( How to use Team Viewer ). Don’t worry I am here to tell you from scratch that how to use team viewer.

What is TeamViewer?

Team viewer was founded in Germany.

Team viewer is software, with this software you can control and get documents from other computers. This software is very handy, even a child can use this software. It is very helpful when you forgot your important documents at home. Then this software will interconnect your computer to another computer.

How to use TeamViewer

Step-1   Firstly you need a network connection in both (PC or laptop and android smartphone) to run this method. Because none of the work will be done offline. So you have to connect both software with the internet.

Step-2   Download Team Viewer Software and install on your PC. For downloading this software, you can go to  Download.

Step-3  Now Install Team viewer app in your smartphone from play store. you can search team viewer keyword to find this app.

Step-4  Now opens your installed software on your PC. Then you have to connect to the internet. Team Viewer software will automatically generate ID and password. This ID and password are very important. Do not share this ID and password with others. If you will share it then anybody can access your PC. And might get your most important documents.

Step-5  Now open your team viewer app in your phone there you will enter your id. You have to enter that Id, which is generated on your PC.

How to use Google Drive

Then click on the remote control and then it will ask for the password. Enter that password from your PC’s team viewer. Now you can control your PC through your phone.

How to use Google Drive

Here are some mouse instructions that you can follow and use its full features:

How to use Google Drive

  1. You can tap to click on the computer.
  2. Swipe to move your mouse.
  3. Tap and hold to click right. (with this you can refresh your PC)
  4. Double tap on the screen and you can drag and drop any item on PC.
  5. Two fingers drag to scroll down or up.
  6. You can zoom the screen by a pinch. Just like zooming any photo.

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