How to use Whatsapp without Number [Best Guide]

Best Whatsapp Tricks and Tips 2016 [ How to Use Whatsapp without Number ]

Mostly, People are searching on the Internet for Whatsapp tricks 2016. And it is the most searched term on the Internet. Use Whatsapp without number and Whatsapp without Internet tricks are daily searches on The Internet. I also received a lot of Messages from email to update new WhatsApp tricks 2016 on Techmaniya. Now, I am here to offer you some of the best Whatsapp tricks in 2016 only for our visitors. I am sharing this best Whatsapp tricks and tips 2015 Guide. I know you are excited to know everything about How to use Whatsapp without number and WhatsApp without The Internet, I want to show you some best factors about Whatsapp. You can also check some cool notepad tricks, they are also trending these days.

Whatsapp is rapidly growing application all over the word. And users are very happy with using it. Whatsapp is available for every Operating system whether it is Android, IOS, Symbian or any other OS. You can use it in any smartphone. It is a most used app in the world, you will find that if most users have this application on their smartphone. There are very rare people who do not use Whatsapp, even old man’s also using it and found it interesting. If you have working Internet connection in your smartphone then you can able to send free messages to your loved ones. Whatsapp is also working like an MMS so you can send text, images, audio, video and even you can call from Whatsapp. You can check our best Whatsapp status.

Now, you know everything about WhatsApp and its popularity in this world that’s why many Whatsapp tricks and tips coming on the internet. And for this reason, many people started searching on The Internet for amazing and cool WhatsApp tricks 2015 for their smartphone. Many users don’t know how WhatsApp tricks and tips without number and Whatsapp without the internet is working. That’s why I am here with all new working WhatsApp tricks 2016.

Use Whatsapp without number – Best Whatsapp Tricks January 2016

Are you surprised that how WhatsApp without number will work? Don’t worry I am here to assist you till the end of this Whatsapp tricks and tips Guide. Actually, this is the Best Whatsapp tricks till Now. Whatsapp without number that does not mean you will be able to use it without number, actually the thing is you will use the fake number to verify your new WhatsApp account i.e. Fake WhatsApp number.

How to use Whatsapp without number [Cool Whatsapp Trick]

  1. First thing is first, Uninstall your WhatsApp from your smartphone.
  2. And then download WhatsApp again from play store [This one is the important step in this Guide WhatsApp without number trick]
  3. Now, Disable your messaging services means you can enable Flight Mode.
  4. Open your WhatsApp application and type your number. Then Whatsapp will not be able to send messages to the server just because you enabled your flight mode.
  5. Here we come to the main part. So, Whatsapp will ask you to verify your number with alternative methods.
  6. Then Choose Check through SMS and then type your email address there.
  7. Touch on send button and quickly touch on the cancel button. [This step is required to stop the process of sending]
  8. Here is the Important step of this Whatsapp trick started. Install spoof messages app in your smartphone.
  9. You can search it on Google play store. If you are an iPhone user then install Fake-A-Message.
  10. Then go to outbox and the copy the message details from Spoofer application and send it to spoofed verifications that are false verification.
  11. You can use details in the spoofed message: to +447987657543 from +[country Code] [mobile number] Message: Your Email Address.
  12. Then a message will be sent to that spoofed number and you can able to use this number in Whatsapp and you can able to surprise your friends with this Whatsapp without number tricks.

NOTE: If above spoof text message is not working then you can use other apps. Just search on your play store or App store.

If you like this trick How to use WhatsApp without number then you can help me by sharing our tricks to your friends. Your friends will be happy to use this trick as this trick is best for fooling your friends. If you want more tricks like this then subscribe to our newsletter or if you want faster updates then you can like our facebook page.

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