11 Must have android apps for your smartphone

Here is the list of best and must have android apps for your smartphone. These apps are basic and most common and used daily in our life. If will help you to read the doc, pdf file and antivirus for the scan your data.

1. Antivirus

It is good to have Antivirus in your phone because it helps to protect your smartphone from hackers and viruses. I would suggest you to install avast Antivirus that will help you to protect everything and I have personal experience with it. It is best and easy to use.

Download Avast antivirus

2. Adobe acrobat reader

This pdf reader is best compared to all other pdf readers. It has lots of features which will give you better reading format. And you will be easily comfortable with it. This pdf reader has the ability to feel like you are reading books with the feature like underline highlights, comments etc.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

3. MX Player

MX player is very popular video player in android platform. Because this video player has easy navigation control, even a small kid can use this player. Mx player supports 125 language audio outputs, so you easily listen to your native language’s movie and videos.

Download MX Player

4. Uc browser

Uc browser is the great browser I have ever seen. Because this browser  offer you fully customizable options. If you are having limited data and your browser consumes more data then switch to UC browser.With this, you can able to stop images from loading because images eat up all data compare to text. If you want to see images then touch  on image. If you click on a particular image then only that image will load. With Uc browser, I am able to save my 99% data.

Download UC Browser

5. YouTube offline

YouTube offline is the best app for downloading YouTube videos; with this app you can easily download any quality videos like mp3 to HD and if you have limited data then you can download mp3 audio songs. Its downloading speed is very good.

Download YouTube

6. Cpu z

This app is great finding phone’s system hardware specification and you can also know how much your heat. With this, you can also check that tour sensor is working properly or not.

Download CPU-Z

7. PicsArt

PicsArt is like Photoshop. If you are the advanced user of Photoshop then you can able to edit pics more effectively. But if you don’t know about it doesn’t worry it is easy to open this app and each tool has different qualities only after using this tool you will know everything about it.

Download PicsArt

8. WPS Office

WPS Office is the best alternative of Microsoft office I am recommending you because it is only 93 MB. If you are Microsoft lover then you have to download each and every app. You have to download 812MB+ data (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) with only three apps. If you are limited data user then was office will best work for you.

Download WPS Office

9. Rar

Rar is best for extracting .zip files.With this app, you can easily extract zip files like as you are doing with your PC. It will also help you to make your own.Zip files or any extensions. This tool is very handy.

Download RAR

10. Facebook

As Like others Facebook, if you are addictive to Facebook then download this app and enjoy. I think you already know about it so I will not explain it. I hope you understand.

Download Facebook

11. Dictionary

Last but not least, as usual, you can download dictionary for knowledge of new English words.

Download dictionary

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