Reliance [3G-4G] GPRS Internet Settings [Manual Settings]

If you are unable to access internet on your Reliance number, and looking the method to get the Reliance internet GPRS setting. Then this method will help you to troubleshoot internet related problem. But before going for the solution of this problem, try to find the actual cause of the problem. The Internet-related problem might be on your Reliance number due to GPRS setting of Reliance network. This article will help you to get Reliance network 2G/3G/4G internet GPRS settings.

If your smartphone is not configured with the network settings. Internet connection will not work on your number. So let’s try to know in deep about Reliance GPRS settings.

Android smartphone support only two types of network GSM & DMA. When your smartphone tries to connect with GSM network. It uses the General Packet Radio Service, or GPRS, to transfer data to and from the network. If your Android phone is unable to transfer data over a GSM network, turn on the GPRS in the device’s Configuration settings.

Below are the aspects when people face internet issues.

  • Your network settings are not configured properly.
  • If you are in roaming area, enable data roaming option from mobile network settings.
  • Internet data services disabled.

Reliance 3G/4G GPRS Internet Setting and Manual Configure Setting

If your network setting, you can request to your network operator for Reliance GPRS internet data settings. I am going to give you the easy way to get Reliance 4G data setting by simply sending an SMS. You can use below two methods to get Reliance GPRS.

  • Send “ALL” To 55100
  • Please save the settings sent to you. In case of code, request enter 1111

If you already configured everything properly and you are in the roaming area. Your internet data is not working. You can enable your mobile data setting option on in roaming.

  • Open your mobile Settings >> Mobile networks.
  • Enable SIM Data roaming option.

Last thing you need to check if your Reliance 3G data is not working after configuring settings. Your mobile data service is might be disabled by the network operator. You can enable data service on your number by sending below SMS.

  • Send “3G” To 121 and follow the instructions.

Any other type of help you can call on Reliance customer care to enable the service or any other type of help.

Manual Configure Reliance GPRS Internet Settings

  • Open your mobile Settings >> Mobile networks.
  • Open Access Points Names option.
  • Now Configure settings on APNs
Setting NameValue
APN-Access Point NamesRcomwap
APN typedefault

After configuring Reliance 4G setting, restart your smartphone and enable your data and enjoy Reliance 4g internet.

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