Set Full Instagram DP Without any Size Crop – Annoying Problem

Instagram is a mobile, desktop, and Internet-based photo-sharing application and service that allows users to share pictures and videos either publicly, or privately to pre-approved followers. If you are using Instagram App. Have you noticed something about Instagram profile picture? If no, then we gonna tell you the most annoying problem faced by all the users. The annoying problem is about Instagram profile picture. When we try to set the full Instagram profile picture without crop.Instagram doesn’t allow to set up a high-resolution profile picture. You have to crop the image if the image resolution is large while setting up on the profile.

We are going to list some methods which will help you to set up Instagram profile pic without cropping problem.

Steps to Setup Instagram profile picture without cropping or Size crop

Before we tell the steps to setup profile picture. We are going to list some other features, Using that we can easily set the full-size profile on our WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram profile. This method requires an app. We tested the method before uploading for users.

  • Easy Blur
  • Color Gradient
  • Easy Rotate the picture

Step by Step Procedure to Setup Instagram profile picture without cropping

  • Download Square Droid App
  • Now we are going to show the demo image. Which we want to set up in my profile picture.
  • As you can see the profile picture look like the demo image without applying anything.

set instagram profile picture without crop



  • Now open the App and select Square Profile Photo option and browse the picture from gallery.

  • Now Select the scale option and scale size according to need and save.

seup whatsapp profile picture

  • Now we try to set the profile picture on Instagram profile. Let’s see how the picture looks like on Instagram profile.

set instagram profile picture without cropping


As you can see the change in both pictures before applying the method and after. So using this method we can easily setup full-size profile picture.

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