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It’s very difficult to stay focus on your goals and sticking up for your dreams when you are going through a tough time. It’s very natural to doubt your abilities and talent in a rough patch. Determination and intense ambition have always been the winner’s choice. Sheer Nair, who once belonged to a lower middle- class family, is one of the most inspiring stories and he is a perfect example of sheer hard work, dedication, and focus on your goals.

Sudheer Nair, founder, and CEO of Eresource Infotech Pvt Ltd. Adversity brought best out of him. His willpower; dedication and focus have helped him in founding a multi-million ERP firm today.

Sudheer Nair EARLY LIFE

He was born in a middle-class family. He lost his father when he was in schooling. Since then, life was tough for him. The responsibility falls on his shoulder at an early age to financially support his family. His mother had helped him and his two sisters to complete schooling and pursue higher studies and because of financial problems, he could not complete his graduation.  With no degree under his belt he was forced to take up odd jobs including helper’s job, he had to load and unload cargo at Sahar Cargo Complex, Mumbai. But the zeal towards life and his wish to progress in life had helped me to overcome tough situations. Sometimes, documentation was required at the Cargo Complex and Sudheer started working as a typist and soon transform into an expert typist.


After some time, Sudheer took up the job of typing programs for a computer programmer. At that time, he had no knowledge about computers; soon he was given the opportunity to learn computers. He independently started generating software codes for the company. Sudheer is a quick learner. In very short span of time, he had become a good FoxPro Programmer. In 1990, he got his first job as a software programmer with the Afternoon DC and in that time period he had developed a small version of ERP. That gave him the confidence to work for his own ERP version. Then, he worked for JD Edwards in London as a consultant and Planet Optical Disc Ltd in Dubai.

In 2006, he founded Eresource Infotech Pvt. Ltd with some very talented and enthusiastic professionals. Now, their company is a leading web-based ERP solution provider in India. It has around 400 clients in current time; most of them are from India, Middle East, and few other Asian countries. Eresource is 100% web-based ERP solution.

He never enrolled for any course in computers but, he was extremely blessed to hang around with some incredibly talented people in his life at the right time. According to Sudheer, “he did not know any technicals peoples and had no guidance but, he spent hundred of hours in reading technical books and practicing programs”.

“You need to start from somewhere. If you have the determination and will power then you always move forward. Life must be like a flowing river,” says Sudheer.He worked hard day and night and it was not an easy journey. Their company has won many awards, including the Udyog Rattan Award and Business Excellence Award for the year 2008.


Sudheer says he reads a lot. He gets himself educated through his experience and that is the best education you can get from anywhere. According to him” it’s very important that you must love what you are doing. Most of the successful persons had one common thing; they love what they are doing. “Life is full of hurdles and struggles but, there is no difficulty that stands bigger than your ability and will power”.

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