DTH Comparison: Tata SKY Vs Airtel Vs Videocon D2H 2017

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  1. sathish says:


    I would like to give my comparison based on my experience.
    I had Reliance Big TV from 2008 till 2012. Used with Standard SD TV LG Flatron. Very nice quality compared to Cable operator signals during those times. Still I would think Reliance and Sun TV is better for SD only connection (June 2017)

    Coming to HD. I bought Videocon d2h during 2012 as it was the only TV to offer 23 HD channels. I have not faced a single issue till May 2017.

    Almost after 5 years my settop box died which could not pick up signal even when the strength was around 75% in meter.
    I called customer care and within 4 Hrs a guy came and investigated and replaced the settop box for 400Rs.
    Now it works like charm.

    I am not sure what issues you people face in D2H connection with all service providers. Apart from cost parameters, I feel once fixed everyone should be able to provide same level of service technically. I have seen Airtel and Tata Sky in friends place. Picture quality seems same across all providers. The Tv model also matters in case on picture quality.

    One you watch HD , I bet watching SD would be difficult. Its an addiction. And Videocon D2H is one among the best in HD service.

  2. KETAN DAVE says:

    Dish tv is the best DTH Service provider. Least cost Mximum channels and good service. See…in DTH, Best is the one in which we get maximum channels by paying mininmum. Tata sky, Videocon, Airtel…all these are doing good branding only. Sasta and Tikau is Dish TV with quality pictures. I have Dish TV since last 12 years and I am enjoying like anything…I would suggest Dish TV…Rest, we are smart enough to judge:)

    • Karan says:

      Bro..Dish TV is oldest and best DTH..value for money…their customer care is good…Though it does not have maximum HD Channels, but channels which we view most are available in Dish TV unlike Tata sky and D2H who claims to have maximum HD channels but most of thos channels we hardly view…LOL

  3. Kailas says:

    Videocon d2h is the worst service and support. We have a common society antenna / dish. I am renewing it consistantely for 3 year with platinum HD plan. I never got a clear transmission and HD quality expected. First year their service centre said they will improve. Next year, they responded that your connectivity seems a issue, checked the same after days of delay and responded that the wire connecting my point and junction has some problem. Thus, replaced at my cost. They took service charge for site visit whereas ideally for platinum hd subscriber it is free support. I replaced the wire, but still the issue persists. Recently, my connection suddenly got disconnected, when enquired, their support staff very arrogantly responded that your connections is disconnected,. When enquired reason, he did not readily knew. Then he checked the system and again arrogantly replayed that you have not renewed. When questioned why I was not intimated over the call, sms, email via set top box service, they were not aware again. Took 15 mins hold time to check and replied, because you are a common antenna subscriber, such communication won’t go. Is there a logic? Antenna is just the connection medium, individual subcription matters and needs to track separately; now I am frustrated and looking out for better service provider.

  4. Lokesh Sharma says:

    i have Videocon D2H since last 8 years and have no any problem. this is the best.

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