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Vodafone All USSD Codes List to Check Balance

 This post will be very useful if you are using Vodafone sim in your smartphone. Well, you almost forgot all USSD codes then you search on google for Vodafone USSD Codes list. Don’t worry I am here to give you all working Vodafone USSD codes list and Vodafone free internet tricks. When we need some USSD codes then we always forget them. It’s very difficult to remember to all USSD Codes, however all Vodafone USSD Codes are important as you are using Vodafone SIM. That’s why In this list I am going to cover almost every Vodafone USSD Code.

Life is changing day by day and there is increasing in the number of offers and 3G and 4G. So, each offer has different or unique USSD Codes. Also many users search for the Vodafone balance transfer code . If you are using Vodafone then you should know these codes and try to learn some of the main USSD codes. Here I am going to give you Vodafone USSD Codes. You can also check for Vodafone 3G Plans.

What is USSD Codes (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) ?

Well, some of the users are new here and they don’t understand, What is USSD Code. Don’t worry I am here to tell you everything about USSD Codes. So, USSD Code stands for Unstructured Supplementary service data. It is working like protocol it built with full rules and instructions. USSD Code interface runs automatically only you need to select the value of USSD options. It is provided by your SIM operator. In this USSD Codes, you can get all the offers and other information. You don’t need to call customer care for small problems.

All USSD Codes for Vodafone Network Operator 

I will categorize all USSD codes of Vodafone. So, this may be very simple for you to find your USSD Code. You can easily able to identify your USSD code and apply.

Vodafone USSD Codes for Prepaid Users


Recommended Method to Check Balance

I am giving you the best method to check your talktime or internet balance. With the help of this method you can easily able to get your balance details without dialing any USSD Codes. Yes, it is true you can able to check it.

Features of this Method

  • It is an App.
  • It will give you real time balance update.
  • You don’t need to dial any of the ussd code.
  • Time Saving Method.
  • Moreover, you will get Free Rs 30 recharge as with promotional offer. (Read: How to Get Rs 30 Free Recharge)

Introducing TrueBalance App: Download Now

Idea balance check

If you don’t want to install this app then we also have Ussd codes, you can check below.

Vodafone Recharge Offers Check Code *121# or *111*1*1# or *111*1*4#
Vodafone Best Internet Offer Check Code *111*1*5#
Vodafone My Delights  Check Code *111*1*2#
Vodafone My Balance (Vodafone Balance Check) *141# or *111# or Download App to check working Balance
Vodafone Last 3 Activities Check Code *111*2*3#
Vodafone Last 3 Calls And SMS Check Code *111*2*3#
Vodafone Last 3 Calls Check Code *111*2*3#
Vodafone Last 3 SMS Check Code *111*3*1*2#
Vodafone Last 3 Charges Check Code *111*3*2#
Vodafone Last 3 Recharges Check Code *111*3*3#
Vodafone Tariff Plan Details Check Code *111*4#
Vodafone My Plan rates Check Code *111*4*1#
Vodafone Bonus/Promotional balances Check Code *111*4*2#
Vodafone Active Plan – Validity  Check Code *111*4*3#
Vodafone VAS and Services Check Code *111*5#
Vodafone VAS Active on this number Check Code *111*5*1#
Vodafone Activate New VAS on this number Check Code  *111*5*2#
Vodafone Data Plan Check Code *111*6#
Vodafone Active Data Plans Check Code *111*6*1#
Vodafone Data Usage (Vodafone Internet MB Check) *111*6*2#
Vodafone Activate New 2G Mobile Internet MB Pack Check Code *111*6*3#
Vodafone Activate New 3G Mobile Internet MB Pack Check Code *111*6*4#
Vodafone Download Internet Settings Check Code *111*6*5#
Vodafone Bonus Card Check Code *111*7#
Vodafone Best Offer Check Code *111*8#
Vodafone Pay/Recharge via Payback Check Code *111*9#
Vodafone Low Balance Services Check Code *111*10#
Vodafone Account Update Check Code *111*11#
Vodafone Alternate Number Details Check Code  *111*11*1#
Vodafone Other Info Check Code *111*12#
Vodafone Main Balance Check Code (Vodafone Balance Check) *111*2# or *141#
Vodafone 2G/3G Balance Check USSD Code (Balance Check) Send SMS as DATA BAL to 144
Vodafone Main account Validity Check code (Balance Check) *146#
Vodafone Gprs (net) Balance Check (Vodafone Internet MB Balance) *111*6*2# or *111*6#
Vodafone Friends to call you back even zero balance Press, enter 10 digit mobile no. and press call button
Vodafone Free Night Minutes Balance *111*4*2#
Vodafone Free SMS Balance Check code *111*4*2#
Vodafone Local and STD call rate check code *111*4*2# 
Vodafone Free SMS Balance Check code *111*4*2#
Vodafone USSD code to check Internet Data Usage:  *111*6*2#
Vodafone Call Balance Check code (Vodafone Balance check) *141# 

Vodafone Recharge Code List

Vodafone ussd code to check your data balancee Send SMS as DATA BAL to 144
USSD code for Vodafone 2G/3G recharge Dial *121# and then select your pack
Vodafone 3G pack with 20 GB *444*8#
Vodafone 2G pack for 1 day GPRS:  *444*444#(Rs.8/-) 30 MB
Vodafone 2G pack for 2 days GPRS *444*17# (Rs.17/-) 70 MB 
Vodafone 2G pack for 7 days GPRS *444*75# (Rs.75) 300 MB
Vodafone 2G pack for 15 days GPRS  *121*49#
Vodafone 2G pack for 1 month GPRS *121*98#
Vodafone 3G pack with 5 GB *121* 851#
Vodafone 3G pack with 8 GB *121*1251#
Vodafone PUK Code

Other Vodafone USSD Codes

Vodafone Balance Transfer Code *131* Transfer Amount*<phone number>#
Vodafone Account Information Update code *111*11#
Vodafone Offer Code *111*1*1#
Vodafone customer care number  111 or 198
Vodafone main Balance Check Code *111*2# or *141#
Vodafone best offers  *121#
Vodafone 3g activation USSD code SMS “ACT” to 144
Vodafone loan USSD code 1241 or Send SMS Credit to 144 Or *111*10#
Vodafone USSD Code to check own Mobile Number *111*2#

Here is the list of USSD codes especially for Vodafone network operator (Vodafone Balance Check). I hope you got your Vodafone USSD Codes. Now, share it with those who need it the most. You can subscribe to our mailing list or you can like our facebook page to update.

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