Vodafone Free Internet Tricks (April 2017)

In this trick I will tell you how you can easily able to use free internet in Vodafone. Our tricks are 100% working and you can share them as well. But before you dig deeper in this Vodafone free internet. You will need to understand some facts.

Features of Vodafone Free Internet

  • Works in 0 balance.
  • 3G speed.
  • Rare blocking issue.
  • Work with UDP.

Things you will need for Vodafone Free Internet

  • You will need Droid VPN. Download it from play store.
  • Settings for Droid VPN.
  • 0 balance.
  • 3g enabled sim.

Now, you may wonder that how that Vodafone free internet works. Well, there are some chances that droid vpn may not connect but you should keep changing settings. Make sure that you do settings properly.

How to use Vodafone Free Internet

  1. First of all download Droid VPN app from Play store.
  2. Then open it and create your account there.
  3. Login in that app.
  4. Go to settings and find connection type.
  5. Select UDP from there.
  6. Enter this UDP port 33019

After doing all those settings You can easily able to use Vodafone free internet. However, if this trick is not working for you then stay tuned with us. Because I am always finding new tricks to use Vodafone free internet.

Update: Currently Vodafone tricks are not working.

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  1. jahbles says:

    I succeed to use it thanks alot but now problem is it connected but i am not using free internet

  2. s.j says:

    I have always full balance

  3. Gaurav says:

    I am unable to get my account password on droid vpn..i searched everywhere please help

  4. vijay kumar says:

    no comment

  5. Ankit Juyal says:

    trying to find out new tricks for free internet

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